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The VisBox and Visualization

The VisBox allows researchers to explore their datasets with the added benefit of stereo graphics, head-tracking, and direct manipulation. In addition, the size of the VisBox makes it ideal for small groups of researchers working together.

Visbox and VTK


VTK is a widely used open-source visualization library. Shown here is a simple isosurfacing application that was written with VTK and vtkActorToPF that runs on the VisBox. It allows the user to view isosurfaces for volume datasets in stereo with head-tracking, making it easier to comprehend complicated structures. The regular VTK renderer can also be used with the VisBox via a modified version of the vtkOpenGLCamera class.

Visbox and VMD

VMD, PyMol, Ribbons

Popular molecular visualization programs can be run on the VisBox in stereo. Shown here is VMD running on a VisBox-SX8.

Visbox and ParaView


ParaView is an open-source scientific visualization application based on VTK. It was designed for visualizing large data sets. The application is being actively developed by Kitware in conjunction with the Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Visbox and CEI Ensight

CEI Ensight

CEI Ensight is a widely used commercial scientific visualization tool. Ensight Gold can be used with the VisBox, taking advantage of the system's stereo display and head+wand tracking capabilities.

Other commercial visualization packages can also be configured for use with the VisBox.

Goggle Screenshot


Members of the ETLab at the University of Alabama, Birmingham are developing a VTK-based visualization tool called Goggle. Goggle runs on their VisBoxTM and also on their high-resolution VisWall-9XTM display.

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