Based on the Aftershock engine by Steve Taylor.
Quake3 Arena is a trademark of Id Software.


Welcome to CQ3A! CQ3A is a Quake3 renderer for the CAVE. It can also be used with various other VR devices or run on a regular desktop. It is based on Steve Taylor's wonderful Aftershock engine. I added simple collision detection and improved performance by adding support for multi-texturing and compiled vertex arrays. I then restructured the engine so that it can be used with several VR interfaces.

I probably do not have the time to make it into a game like I did with CAVE QUAKE II. However, CQ3A is still interesting for several reasons:

  • In many ways, Quake3 Arena represents the state of the art in real-time rendering. The CQ3A engine implements many of the features that are in the real game including multi-pass shaders, curved surfaces (bezier patches), bsp tree with pvs testing/culling, lightmaps, animations, skybox rendering, etc

  • Even if you don't care about gaming, the Quake3 format is a great format for creating original 3D content. There are several free map editors available, including the incredibly powerful QERadiant. Now you can easily import worlds created with these tools into the CAVE! Check out my house model!

  • It is open-source (GPL) and cross-platform. I restructured the engine so that it can handle multiple rendering contexts and multiple rendering pipes. For details, read this short VR source article. The result is that CQ3A can compile with 7 different interfaces! Each interface is small and completely separate from the rest of the engine. The interfaces are listed on the Downloads Page.
New to the CAVE? There's a lot more information, pictures, and movies on my CAVE QUAKE II website.


Paul Rajlich