Broomsticks by Paul Rajlich

Backgrounds Gallery

Welcome to the Backgrounds Gallery! This is a place where owners of the Full Version of Broomsticks can download new backgrounds for the game. If you have made or found cool backgrounds, make sure you let me know and I will post them here!

Note: To download a background, right-click and select "Save Picture As."

Wormhole Zachary Brewer
Here's a new background from Zachary Brewer.
Trees Mara Sar
Here's a tree background from Mara Sar.
Under the Lake and Forbidden Forest Brandyn K.
Brandyn sent in two nice, original backgrounds. Here is what he says:

"the first [background] is under the lake at hogwarts. in it is the giant squid, and the rest of the hinkypunks etc were too hard to create. the second attachmt is the forbidden forest, with aragog and a unicorn."

New Mark
Here's a nice original background from Mark.

Screamo sent in these two nice backgrounds.

New Manon

Manon sent in these two cool backgrounds and a new field image.

Nightcrawler Brad Barron
A new background that Brad made for Nightcrawler fans!

New John

John sent in this nice new set of backgrounds.

Winter Andrew
Very nice new background from Andrew! Here's what he says:

"Here is an entry for the contest. It is a winter/night-time scene. It has Castle 2 in the background as Hogwarts."

Kirby Matthew Davis
Matt sent in this nice Kirby background to go with his Kirby characters! He also sent an field image and a items image!

New Joey

A nice new set of backgrounds from Joey.

Night Sky Daniel
Very nice night sky background from Daniel. This background is part of a skins pack that Daniel is working on for Broomsticks 3D!

Another new background.

Here is a another new, original background.

The Burrow Daniel
Another background from Daniel! Here's what he says:

"It is supposed to be the Weasley's House. I need to try to make some Stadium background instead of backgrounds like this because YOU DON'T USUALY FLY AROUND IN FRONT OF A HOUSE."

Good work Daniel!

Excellent new background from Daniel! Good work!

Daniel sent in this nice new background that he made.

Diagon Alley - CONTEST WINNER! Sol
Here's a great new background from Sol! Here's what he says:

"the background is diagon alley i thought it would be cool to play te game there and ok ok i know the stores dont look like the movie but oh well im working on more background s like 4 xsample --the chamber of secret (love to see what its like to play qqd in there) and the trainstation"

Broomsticks field Sandie Bassett
Here is a new background from Sandie.

Above Hogwarts Daniel
Daniel sent in this new background which he calls "Above Hogwarts".

Hal Jordan vs Sinestro Ted Kendrick
New background from Ted Kendrick to go with his JLA characters. Ted says:

"here's a picture of Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern) fighting Sinestro (The Green lantern's arch enemy). They are fighting in space with their power rings."

Castle2 Kalle Kalmari
The newest background from Kalle. He calls it the "Finnish National Quidditch Schools Field."

Castle Kalle Kalmari
A nice new castle background from Kalle.

Stairway Kalle Kalmari
A new background from Kalle. Here's what he says:

"This is new backround it works really good whit my angels and devils"

Batman Ted Kendrick
Batman background from Ted Kendrick. Ted says:

"This Batman background works best with my Dragonball Z characters."

Daniel sent in this cool new background that he made. Good job!

Broomsticks 3D Paul Rajlich
Here's a background that is a screenshot taken from Broomsticks 3D. In a way, it links the two games together!

Eilan Donnan  
There are amazing backgrounds out there made with tools like Bryce and Poser. Doing a web search with those keywords will give you some good results. Here is an excellent example from the French "Virtual Lands" website:

Default Paul Rajlich

Here is the default set of backgrounds for Broomsticks.

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