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Welcome to the Broomsticks Characters Gallery! This is a place where owners of the full version can exchange characters for the game. A few of these are also featured in the Broomsticks Advanced Demo. Want to contribute? Send me email: paul.rajlich /at/

Note: To download, right-click and select "Save Picture As."

The Elves Jeronimus

Excellent new set of characters from Jeronimus! Here is what he says:

"I made some new Fantasy Characters called 'The Elves' The Elves all have names.

-Litl' Elve, a brave and clever elve.
-Sleepy Elve, an elve that's very sleepy, all of the time.
-Big Elve, Litl' Elve's dad, he is very brave.
-Queen Elve, A good leader of the elves.
-Bernard Elve, an old wise elve, that knows everything about mushrooms.

Next I'll make some troll characters !

I've also made a new background, full of supporting people !"

X-Men Adam

Nice new players from Adam!

Here is what he says:

"all of the players on both teams are from X-men the first one on team 1 is cyclops then under him is storm and under her is wolverine under him is rouge under her is profesor exsaveir and on team 2 is shadow cat and under her is nightcrawler and then under him is iceman and under him is pyro and last but not least is jean grey"


Excellent new characters from Andrew! Here's what he says:

"The first is a set of random characters including Arnold and Gerald from Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold, Spongebob and Patrick for the Spongebob fan, Mario and Luigi, Sonic and Tails and last but not least are the famous broomsticks characters.

The second set is of fire and water. On the fire side is a huge Flame, a broomsticks character that is on fire, a match, a torch, and then a fire pit. On the water side is a water dude, a broomsticks character that got soaked by a bucket of water that follows him, ice, a water bottle, and a bucket of water.

The last set, and my favorite, changes color when you turn on the first three. The fourth makes the person disappear on the first team and just the body on the second. The last is the original (and boring) person that you might you if say you get a headache from all the colors flashing on the screen."

New Dougall Johnson
Another nice set of characters from Dougall. Here's what he says:

"On Team two you can change the house you play for and on team 1 there are some wierdos including a bromstick with no one on it someone thats scared of heights and an old bald man"

Kirby Mega-Mix - CONTEST WINNER! Matthew Davis
Excellent new characters from Matthew! Here's what he says:

"Here are my new set of characters for Broomsticks. This is for anyone who is a HUGE fan of Kirby. We've got the Tame Balloon, the Wild Balloon, the Shooting Star, the Super Hero, and the Air Head! The Super Hero, when tapped up and to the right from the ground, looks like leap frog! Hope ya like `em, cause I've got more things coming!"

Kirby Background
Kirby Field
Kirby Items

New Dougall Johnson
Dougall Johnson sent in this fun new set of characters!

Here is the intro image to go with these characters.

Whomping Willow Daniel
New characters from Daniel. Here's what he says:

"Hey Paul here are my characters, my background, and new items in honor of the 2nd hp movie that is coming out. The tree does not really look like a Whomping Willow so I will continue to work on it."

Here is the items image to go with these characters.

New Sol
A great new set of characters from Sol! Try them out in the Advanced Demo.

Spy Characters Jeronimus
Another nice set of characters from Jeronimus! Here's what he says:

"Hello, this is a picture of my Spy Characters. First in both teams is The Mascotte. 1 team one the first guy is Parachute Dude, he's an expert in Parachutes. in team 2 this is Flamer. He is not nice, he will roast you. 3rth is The Boss. Boss 1 is Sean Spy. Boss 2 is Boldfinger. 4th in team 1 is The Gravity Guy.he's one of the best spys. Here he tries out his ANTI- gravity in team two this is Fat Fred. He's a guard , but he's not smart. Ant last but not least , the fabulous Miss Dixie. Expert in Everithing? Yes, she is! And last but not least in team two Katarina McOliviana; The enemy of Dixie"

Flies and Bugs Matthew Davis
Another new set of characters from Matthew Davis!

Alleycat Collection Matthew Davis
A new set of characters from Matthew Davis!

He also sent me a new items image!

Combo - CONTEST WINNER! Kalle Kalmari
The newest set of characters from Kalle is a combination of characters from his other sets.

Dragons Kalle Kalmari
A third set of characters from Kalle! He says that he is the guy in the upper left. :-)

Ghostbusters Kalle Kalmari
Another new set of characters sent in by Kalle Kalmari.

Angels and Devils Kalle Kalmari
A new set of characters sent in by Kalle Kalmari.

Zelda Ted Kendrick
Another set from the prolific Ted Kendrick! Here's what he says:

"On the top is my favorite bad guy, Facade! Below him, I know I didn't do a good job, is Veran! Below her is Onox, general of Darkness. Below him is a subrosian. he is from Oracle of Seaasons. And Link is below him. On team 2 is a Hyrule symbol. below that is a Maku Seed. A creature called a Goron is below the seed. Then the Windfish's egg from Zelda: Link's Awakening. Tgen below that is a gel. Hope you like em! "

3D shapes - CONTEST WINNER! Benjamin Epstein
Nice new characters from Benjamin! I like the clean look!

New Jeronimus
Another set of characters from Jeronimus:

"This is Gryffindor VS Slytherin. The Skins may not be like described in Harry Potter. Gryffindor (Team One) has on first place Oliver Wood with coloured hair. Under him is Nearly Headless nick. Under there is a new Quidditch star. Under him is Also a new star and under that one is the famous Harry Potter!!! Team two ( Slytherin) has first a new team leader called Tim Burf. Under there is an afroguy. Then meet the unbeatable Draco Malfoy!!! . A new Quidditch star and a new Quidditch star . I created new stars because I do not know the English names ( I am from Belgium )"

New Jeronimus
Fun new characters from Jeronimus. Here's what he says:

"Every team has got his stopid guy. In team one it is the last one . He can't stear. In team two its number three. He keeps on singing. Team two also features an alion and a flying stick."

Dragonball Z - CONTEST WINNER! Ted Kendrick
Dragonball Z characters from Ted! Here's what he says:

"I made some Dragonball Z characters! Here they are...On the top left is Goku, below him is his older son, Gohan, below him is Vegeta, below him is Vegeta's son, Trunks. Under Trunks is Goten, Goku's younger son and Trunks' best friend. On the right, team 2, is their Super Saiyan forms. Hope you like them!"

Here is an items image to go with these characters.

New Michael Schooley
New characters from Michael Schooley!

New JLA! Ted Kendrick
Ted remade his JLA characters! Good job! Here's what he says:

"There is Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman on team 1. Then you see the Martian Manhunter, Batman Beyond, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Aquaman. I changed the Black Canary on my old JLA characters into the Green Arrow on this set. Well, I hope you like them!"

New! George Lewkowicz
Great new characters from George Lewkowicz, the captain of the King Edward the 6th Broomsticks team! Here's what he says:

"You have here our top 5 designed players. There's a superman character, who we think is better than the super heroes on the site, as its been drawn from scratch, and is not in a stupid position. The Dumbo character is brilliant because its ears flap up and down! Death is just a great guy and he was so simple to draw. The cool dude with a rocket pack was designed by my brother. And the best character in the entire game ever is the magic carpet guy, he's the best!"

Celebrity Bunch Jeff Rake
Celebrity characters from Jeff Rake. Here's what he says:

"these are my created characters. the celebrity bunch. the first is John travolta from greese. the second is whoopie goldburg. the third is conan obrein, the fourth is don king. and the last is harry potter the fictional celebrity! hope everyone likes it."

Christmas Ness Kennedy
Excellent Christmas characters from Ness Kennedy!

Weird Ted Kendrick
Here is another set of characters from Ted!

Invisibility Paul Rajlich
Use the change player key to switch between various levels of invisibility.

JLA Ted Kendrick
JLA players from Ted! Here's what he says:

Here are all the world's greatest super heroes playing Broomsticks. Hope they don't kill anyone...

Pokemon Brad Armitt
Pokemon characters from Brad!

The insides of some of the players are transparent. I will fix this if I have time.

new Matthew Davis
Another set of characters from Matt!

Here's what he says about them:

"I've changed the balls to look like the originals, sparkles have taken control, black and white invades, the smiley faces make another appearance, and the brooms have been replaced by flame throwers!!! I have even changed Harry Potter to myself (I'm the one in blue wearing sunglasses!)"

Good job Matt!

Fantasia 2001 Matthew Davis
Excellent characters from Matt!

Here's what he says about them:

"Play as confused quaffels (red and green), Smiley faces (yellow and blue), psychic characters (dark and light), block heads (blue and green) and a robotic version of Harry Potter (Firey coloured brooms and Ice coloured brooms) Hope you like them."

New! Ari Rubenstein
Great new characters! Here's what Ari said:

"Using the change player key, you can turn into different people, some with mutated brooms, or become invisible, Hedwig, or a wand."

Interesting Idea! Tyler Davis
At first I didn't understand these characters, but the idea is interesting. Using the "change player" key, you can confuse your opponent by becoming invisible or looking like a ball. What a wild idea!

Future Characters! Ness Kennedy
Here's a fun new set of characters to try out.

New Characters! Darren Harden
Here is a great new set of characters created by Darren Harden. Download the image and try them out! To download, right click on the image and select "Save Picture As".

Alternate Characters Paul Rajlich
Here is a modified characters file that you can use with Broomsticks. To download, right click on the image and select "Save Picture As".

Original Broomsticks Characters Paul Rajlich
Here is the original players.gif file from the Broomsticks game in case you accidently lose it.

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