Broomsticks 3D by Paul Rajlich
Skins Gallery

Welcome to the Skins Gallery! You can use these skins with both the demo and full versions of Broomsticks 3D. Instructions are included with the games. To look at the files in a skin pack, use WinZip. If you make your own skins, make sure you let me know and I will post them here!

New - CONTEST WINNER! Zack Nussbaum
Zack improved his excellent skins pack and added new brooms! (831 Kb)

New - CONTEST WINNER! Dougall Johnson
A new, more realistic skins pack from Dougall Johnson. (328 Kb)

New Richard Walmsley
Richard Walmsley improved his skins pack. Good work Richard! (425 Kb)

Very cool metal skins pack from Manon! Good job! (295 Kb)

New Paul Rajlich
Here is my newest skin pack. I still like Zack's better! :-) (365 Kb)

New Dougall Johnson
Here is a wild new set of skins from Dougall Johnson! (365 Kb)

New Richard Walmsley
New skins from Richard Walmsley. Looks like he made changes to the skin pack. (1 MB)

New Zack Nussbaum
Excellent new skins from Zack Nussbaum! Great work Zack! (1 MB)

New Paul Rajlich
Here is a new skins file for you to try out. After downloading it, rename to skins1. You need to do this because the game uses the first .zip file it finds. (220 KB)

Alternate Paul Rajlich
Here is the other skins file that comes with the demo: (188 KB)

Default Paul Rajlich
Here is the default skins file. I will be the first to admit that these textures are very simple. However, the white blocks have a lot of brightness and contrast. So, even people with dim monitors and/or bad gamma settings can see something. :-) (177 KB)

Copyright (c) 2002 Paul Rajlich, all rights reserved.