"An adaptation of the ultimate game for the ultimate platform!"

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CAVE QUAKE II is an adaptation of the popular PC game Quake2 for the CAVE, the world's best virtual reality platform! The demo is not a true Quake2 client, but it is quite playable and shows how compelling a game becomes with life-sized stereo graphics! It also demonstrates the advantages of head-tracked perspective. If you want to look down, look down! If you want to crouch, crouch! You can peek around corners simply by moving your head! The input device (called a wand) is also tracked. From your perspective, the gun appears where the wand is and has the correct orientation. All you do is point where you want to shoot and press a button!

Here's a little bit about how it was done:

I improved the pfQuake2 loaders by Rick Weyrauch and made them work with the pfCAVE library. As a result, I had the geometry and animations for the levels and the monsters. I then wrote the actual CAVE game engine from scratch. This involved implementing user navigation, collision detection, gravity, ai for the monsters, gun-fire, synchronized sound effects, networking for deathmatch, etc. Basically, the loaders gave me the geometry from the PC game, but I had to add behavior to the geometry and implement user interaction. The CAVE's head-tracked perspective made for some interesting implementation challenges not found in regular game programming. In addition, the CAVE is a multiprocessor system which brings up other programming issues related to shared memory, synchronization, etc.

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