Broomsticks by Paul Rajlich


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  • Name: Paul Schutte
  • Homepage:
  • From: Virginia
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 10:17:02 CST 2001
  • Comments: Have a Mac and having some problems running but hope to get them fixed. My son loves the game!

    Thanks Paul! I got your email and have sent you a reply.

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 12:36:08 CST 2001
  • Comments: Dear paul,I simply Love Your Game!!!!!! I figured out that there can be FoUr computers playing!!!Here are the buttons:T,P,PageUp and the button under the right shift and left of the right side control. Did you ever know that you could do that???you could improve the full version by making it more 3D. But your game is the best!!!!! HPOTTER


    It had happened to me before, but I could not figure out how it had happened! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Name: Matt Hicks
  • Homepage: hogwarts rpg
  • From: mars
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 20:29:27 CST 2001
  • Comments: Great game! I tried 2000 gold balls, and it's InSaNe! I want to order it, but I spent all my money on... wait a minute, I never had any money in the first place -_-
    I'm impressed about how you avoided the copyrights by not using any names... I woudn't have thought of that. ~Matt P.S. I'm thinking about making incredibly stupid characters like flying dogs and an exact copy of the balls (closer than the ones already posted. red ball doesn't like right. hehe, confusing if you set it on 500 balls of each kind and make yourself a ball too... that would be even weirder than 2001 golden balls that I just tried)

    That is insane! :-)


    As for the characters, go for it! I'm hoping that more people make characters. In fact, I'm thinking about holding a characters contest!

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 22:05:12 CST 2001
  • Comments: dear paul are you working on any new games?if you are what are they?today i used 7000 black balls,7000 red balls and 7000 gold balls and the game went CRAZY!!!!it was madness!!!!!!but all the same the game ran smoothly and didnt sick!

    When I have time, I work on Broomsticks 3D. Once in a while I also make changes to the advanced demo of broomsticks.

    Wow, that is crazy! It's good to hear that you are having fun with the full version!

  • Name: Matt Hicks
  • Homepage: Hogwarts RPG
  • From: mars
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 22:19:54 CST 2001
  • Comments: I have an idea to confuse people! replace the balls with characters and th charactrs with balls. I can see it now, the golden snitch scoops up Harry Potter and throws with into the hoop, which is now an ice cream cone... hehe.

    Yep, that can be done with the full version! :-)

  • Name: Tom
  • Homepage: Diagon Alley News Site
  • From: PA
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 09:11:28 CST 2001
  • Comments: The game won't work on my computer! Would the full version work?

    If the demo works, then the full version will work.

    If the demo does not work, it is probably your browser. Use either Internet Explorer or Netscape and also make sure that Java is enabled! Are you able to run other java applets?

  • Name: Matt Hicks
  • Homepage: Hogwarts RPG
  • From: mars
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 11:06:40 CST 2001
  • Comments: New game I just thought of! set the game on two player, and using on of the players, roundup all the red balls (I tried with 6000 red balls, they covred the whole screen like army ants getting ready for battle) it's fun. my personal favorite is 300 bludgrs and 1000 red balls...

    300 black balls sounds like a bit too much. :-) One of my favorite games is 100 red and only a few black (like 5). That way, you are racing against your opponent to grab as many red balls as possible!

  • Name: Krumpe
  • Homepage:
  • From: California
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 15:37:08 CST 2001
  • Comments: hello, can i ask, how do you create characters, like the new batman set?

    Download a characters image and modify it in your favorite image editor (Paint, Photoshop, etc).

  • Name: Krumpe
  • Homepage:
  • From: california
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 15:57:30 CST 2001
  • Comments: maybe you could add an option that allowed you to play until the player-suggestion time expired, just a thought

    That's a good idea (a time limit). Thanks!

  • Name: Ted Kendrick
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 16:56:57 CST 2001
  • Comments: Paul, It's a great game. Remember that question in November about the DBZ game. It stands for Dragonball Z. (great tip, huh? don't answer) I really like your game. In the Broomsticks 3D game keep it the same but still have a red ball a gold ball and 2 black balls. -Ted

    Thanks Ted! I will look it up (DBZ).

    I do plan to add those to the Broomsticks 3D when I get a chance.

  • Name: Matt Hicks
  • Homepage: Hogwarts RPG
  • From: mars
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 18:33:39 CST 2001
  • Comments: another game I just thought of. 20 bludgers and 20 quaffles. each player sits on the bottom of the field, then tries to touch the top without hitting a black ball or grabbing a red one. HARD! great game, but I wish that the golden nitch option was still on...

    That would be challenging, especially if you made the field very tall.

    Really, with all of the options in the Full Version, the possibilities are endless! :-)

  • Name: Brett Stoll
  • Homepage: my yahoo
  • From: Salem,Ohio
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 19:18:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: I WANT A DEMO OF THE FULL VERSION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! WHAT GOOD IS YOUR WEBSITE WITHOUT A DEMO OF THE FULL VERSION!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Advanced Demo is a demo of the full version, except that not all the options are enabled.

  • Name: Quinne
  • Homepage:
  • From: Ukiah, California
  • Date: Mon Dec 3 20:12:43 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love your demo! Its a blast. I have just emailed you about getting the full version. I aslo hear that you are making Broomsticks 3D. How much would that be? Great demo! - Quinne

    Thanks Quinne!

    The full version CD includes a demo of Broomsticks 3D!

  • Name: Mary Thunhorst
  • Homepage:
  • From: Arnolds Park, Iowa
  • Date: Thu Dec 6 08:25:48 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: shawn
  • Homepage:
  • From: grand falls
  • Date: Fri Dec 7 15:55:57 CST 2001
  • Comments: broomsticks is cool, but needs a new look.

    Try the Advanced Demo with the Harden characters.

    Or, make some new characters!! :-)

  • Name: Josh
  • Homepage:
  • From: New York
  • Date: Fri Dec 7 19:03:58 CST 2001
  • Comments: Love the game! Ever think of modeling the quidditch pitch in CAVE? That would be incredible! Especially if you could make it so you could fly on a broomstick around the pitch!

    Thanks! I have thought of that. Actually, I can run my Broomsticks 3D in the CAVE!

  • Name: Josh
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Fri Dec 7 19:08:16 CST 2001
  • Comments: One more thing... would it be possible to somehow make it so the golden ball doesn't get stuck in the corner when you fly after it?

    The gold ball avoids the players, and so you have to either corner it or chase it into another teammate. Otherwise, it would be too easy to catch. I'll think about it some more. Maybe there's a better way to do it.

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: USA
  • Date: Sat Dec 8 12:21:13 CST 2001
  • Comments: Dear paul,I think you should upgrade Broomsticks full version to broomsticks 2002.Where it is more 3d and more people can play at once and,you can pass the ball And be able to have three players to a team and one player on each team that can be a player that knocks the black balls away.(Just a suggestion) 8-) HPOTTER

    Those are good suggestions. Thanks!

  • Name: David Kail
  • Homepage:
  • From: Barking
  • Date: Sat Dec 8 14:56:18 CST 2001
  • Comments: Good page and good broomsticks

    Thanks David!

  • Name: Teije Terhorst
  • Homepage: Teije's website
  • From: Holland
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 04:37:08 CST 2001
  • Comments: Really, a very good game!!!

    Thanks Teije!

  • Name: Aaron
  • Homepage:
  • From: Arkansas
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 20:50:45 CST 2001
  • Comments: Have you ever thought about adding music to the game? Or, would that take up too much memory? Mexican would be funny, but imagine ROCK! LOL! Also, what sort of secret stuff should I look for in the castle in 3d?

    It would be too much for the demo, but I could do something like that for the full version. However, you can also just run another program like WinAmp while you play.

  • Name: Jose'
  • Homepage:
  • From: Cuba
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 21:53:32 CST 2001
  • Comments: I haven't played the game but when I get it I'll start to cry. I know it's going to be good!!

    :-) Yes, I'm sure you will like it!

  • Name: Stefan kutschke
  • Homepage: My Homepage (german)
  • From: Werne/NRW/GErmany
  • Date: Mon Dec 10 08:25:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi Paul! I would like to say only one thing: Broomsticks ist one of my favourite games! Perhaps, I will buy the full version in future!

    Thanks Stefan! If you like the demo, you will love the full version. It is much more fun!

  • Name: Patrick
  • Homepage: megasite1000
  • From: Milwaukee/Wisconsin
  • Date: Wed Dec 12 17:05:20 CST 2001
  • Comments: My name is patrick andI am going to get the full version.I mailed the check of ten dollars on November 26,2001 and today is December 12,2001.I hope I get it soon.I like the pokemon and the ivisibilty and the others.I actually like all of them.Wait,I LOVE all of them.I like broomsticks.It's full of fun.I can't wait till I get it.

    Patrick, send me an email with more information about your order (exact address) and I will look it up for you.

    Thanks! I'm glad you like the game!

  • Name: Devin
  • Homepage: HogwartsZ
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Wed Dec 12 17:22:39 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hey Paul!!! I still play game like crazy. It is my home button, and when i open the net, its there! What did you use to make a great game like this, and how? Anyhoo, i g2g, because my friend is here, c ya!

    Thanks Devin! I'm honored that it is your homepage. :-)

    I'm a programmer and so I made it from scratch using the Java programming language.

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Thu Dec 13 22:24:03 CST 2001
  • Comments: Dear Paul, can you upgrade a new version of broomsticks3d but make teams like broomsticks exept complely 3d instestead of 2d?also could you use beater bats if you upgrade it?by the way How did you make speed 10 in the speed game for broomsticks if anybody could do it on computer could you tell me how?! :-(i really like your game Paul!) ;) HPOTTER

    I'm glad you like the full version! I do plan to make improvements to Broomsticks3D soon.

    To get higher speeds, you first need to install broomsticks. Then, on the page where you choose the options for a particular game, right click and choose "View Source". You can then edit the file and change the default speed.

  • Name: mlt-hed
  • Homepage:
  • From: insane clown posse
  • Date: Fri Dec 14 20:30:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: YO SUP? i got yer game way back in september and i wanna tell good work on the game it kicks @$$!! P.S. the lasertron games is cool to

    Thanks! :-)

  • Homepage:
  • From: CARDIFFF
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 04:48:57 CST 2001

  • Name: Sasha 290
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 10:37:29 CST 2001

  • Name: Josh
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 15:09:12 CST 2001
  • Comments: WOW! Talk about a tough game, I just tried playing a setting on the full version that was the hardest version of single-player broomsticks I've encountered. Try playing the mini setting, but adjusting the max speed to 8. The game will go so fast, and the computer will play extremely well at this setting. I hadn't lost a game to comp until I tried this setting and got mauled twice 50-0. Good luck!

    Yeah, that does sound tough! I'll have to try it out.

    Have you tried playing against two computer players?

  • Name: Krumpe
  • Homepage: Coffebreakarcade
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 18:51:42 CST 2001
  • Comments: someone at school told me that they DOWNLOADED the game and it cost $6.00, or something like that. Is this true? I never saw this option anywhere.

    No, that should not be true. Ask them where they downloaded it from. :-)

  • Name: Tyler
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 19:46:00 CST 2001
  • Comments: BEST GAME EVER! At school we get a time for 2 people to go on a computer and whenever that time comes me and my friends go we would switch back and forth! I even remember the day when we had 4 players! We did a 2v2 it was insane!

    Thanks Tyler! Posts like this make me glad that I made this game. :-)

  • Name: Krumpe
  • Homepage: Coffee Break Arcade
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Dec 15 22:29:03 CST 2001
  • Comments: o ya i keep forgetting to ask, what is the absolute maximum total number or number of each ball you can have in 1 game¿¿¿???¿¿¿

    There is no maximum, but your computer can only handle so many because each ball requires a little bit of memory and some processing. On my computer, it starts to slow down when there are more than a 1000 balls or so. However, it doesn't really make sense to use more than a 100 balls. That's wild enough! :-)

  • Name: Tyler
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sun Dec 16 09:41:22 CST 2001
  • Comments: Krumpe your site's sooo cool!

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Sun Dec 16 15:11:52 CST 2001
  • Comments: Paul!Thank you for telling me how to change the speed,when you told me you also showed me how to set lots of things! I also need some help,I should have told you before but i keep forgeting.when i change the players gif. with the paint option,i leave and save the changes but when i use the new players there is whit or gray corners around them What do i do?!:-0 i will be waiting for your reply'HPOTTER

    You are welcome.

    In my images, pure white is set as the transparent color. Either you used a slightly off white color for the background or maybe the transparent color got changed somehow. If you are using the Paint program, check under Image->Atributes.

    Also, if you want your players posted on the Broomsticks site, let me know!

  • Name: brad23
  • Homepage: brad23 hacks
  • From: australia
  • Date: Mon Dec 17 04:25:35 CST 2001
  • Comments: paul, firstly i got a new email, secondly check your email :)

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Tue Dec 18 19:37:52 CST 2001
  • Comments: Dear paul i would like to add a player image to the charecters page,i make the background a white but there is still four corners around the players that i made,in speed 10 if you go too fast your player will get the red ball and drop it.i cant usepaint on players 7.gif for some reason. HPOTTER P.S.I will be waiting for your reply :-)

    Sure! Go ahead and send me your image and I will fix it.

    Yep, that's why the normal max speed is 8. :-) With speed 10, when you have the ball you can't go full speed, making the game that much harder!

  • Name: Jessica Quinnell
  • Homepage: None
  • From: Wisconsin
  • Date: Tue Dec 18 20:25:52 CST 2001
  • Comments: Me and my little brother love playing your game. It's Awsome!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Jessica!

  • Name: mckenzie
  • Homepage: love ya
  • From: Oklahoma
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 14:45:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: tips for girls

  • Homepage:
  • From: ALABAMA
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 14:46:05 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Krumpe
  • Homepage: Coffeebreakarcade
  • From:
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 15:51:35 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi, just thought I'd tell you that he was lying, but he said he would buy it, and let me borrow it after break. can't wait!!!

    Oh ok. Sounds like a good deal! :-)

  • Name: Tiran Sandhu
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Thu Dec 20 02:33:08 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Siranha Cyclopine
  • Homepage:
  • From: Belgium
  • Date: Thu Dec 20 04:28:01 CST 2001
  • Comments: Een heel goed spel! A Very Good Game!

    Thanks Siranha!

  • Name: Tawera
  • Homepage: xtra
  • From: New Zealand
  • Date: Fri Dec 21 11:55:31 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love your work please!!!!!!! keep it cooming Harry Potter's #1 fan. Tawera Mahauariki

    Thanks Tawera! I'm glad you like it!

  • Name: Shaun Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`
  • Homepage: __________
  • From: Uk!!!
  • Date: Fri Dec 21 16:26:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi Ive wrote to you before and have a tiny suggeston ! Well why dont you add a gold ball or items that are not on the demo unti 2002(Jan 1) As a little xmas present for all those without the full game! Also when will Broomsticks 3d come out so I can buy it, Another thing! 1)How about making a Broomsticks advanced game. 2)On their you could choose diffrent teams to play for. One more thing!!!!!!!!!!1 YOUR GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus how about creating a completly new look for this site!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Pal

    That's a good idea! I will make a special holiday demo available starting tonight!

    Broomsticks 3D is included with Broomsicks Full Version. I did change the look of the site about half a year ago. Maybe I should do it again. :-)

  • Name: HPOTTER
  • Homepage: none
  • From: USA
  • Date: Fri Dec 21 20:10:57 CST 2001
  • Comments: Dear Paul, I still can not make images without white outlines around them,Iexperameted for hours with the paint program but it just won't work!also i set the max speed to 999999999,it was Super-Fast! :-] HPOTTER

    Send me the image by email and I will fix it for you.

    That must have been unplayable. :-)

  • Name: Adir
  • Homepage: Which one ?
  • From: Israel
  • Date: Sat Dec 22 07:13:09 CST 2001
  • Comments: Great game, I've read all the 4 books of Harry Potter, and I really enjoy playing 1 on 1 Quidich !

    Thanks Adir!

  • Name: lilypotter
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Sat Dec 22 13:58:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: i love your game


  • Name: Googles
  • Homepage: None
  • From: Earth
  • Date: Sun Dec 23 06:51:04 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi could you for like one day enable all the opptiions to see what the whole thing is like before i order it. Spanks, Googles

    I won't enable all the options, but tonight I will enable several of them for a special holiday demo! :-)

  • Name: john
  • Homepage:
  • From: england
  • Date: Sun Dec 23 15:23:34 CST 2001
  • Comments: it is very good could i buy a copy for $1

    Sorry John, you have to pay $10 US for the full version just like everyone else. :-)

  • Name: Chell
  • Homepage:
  • From: Earth
  • Date: Sun Dec 23 15:42:03 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hiya. I love the game! It has inspired me to get into game programming, and I am making good progress in the C/C++ language! If I ever sell a game, I will put you in the credits. Thanks again for a great game

    Thanks Chell! It is good to hear that you have started programming, stick with it. It can be frustrating sometimes, but in the end it is definitely worth it!

  • Name: Gabriel
  • Homepage: none
  • From: Sanger Cal.
  • Date: Fri Dec 28 10:19:21 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hey your game is very cool. I am hoping to get the full versen of the game. I love Harry Potter and this game is so cool. see ya Gabriel PS:Email me back.

    Thanks Gabriel!

  • Name: mary sinclair
  • Homepage:
  • From: new zealand
  • Date: Fri Dec 28 17:50:35 CST 2001
  • Comments: harry potter books are the best books ever.

  • Name: Donny
  • Homepage:
  • From: SangerCAL
  • Date: Fri Dec 28 19:06:49 CST 2001
  • Comments: Paul your game is so cool Iike the guys who are flying.I am so stuped. Any one can email me and please do so. But I like harry potter

    Thanks Donny. Why are you stuped?

  • Name: Emily Potter
  • Homepage:
  • From: Hogwarts
  • Date: Sat Dec 29 12:18:27 CST 2001
  • Comments: sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Emily!

  • Name: Saqell O Neal
  • Homepage: O neal
  • From: L.A. Cal
  • Date: Sat Dec 29 14:49:38 CST 2001
  • Comments: Man this game is cool. I feel like im playing baskitball for the lakers

    Thanks Shaq! :-)

  • Name: Jade Hiler
  • Homepage: yahoo
  • From: Georgia
  • Date: Sun Dec 30 12:01:23 CST 2001
  • Comments: This is a great game. I won easily.

    Thanks Jade! Did you play the advanced demo? On the highest skill setting? If so, that is impressive.