Broomsticks by Paul Rajlich


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  • Name: Carina Viljoen
  • Homepage: -
  • From: Phalaborwa, South Africa
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 10:15:10 CST 2001
  • Comments: I absolutely LOVE your game! I wish I could have it on the website that I'm going to make. It'll be a Harry Potter site. Cheers!! And keep up the good work!

    Thanks Carina!

    Sure, you can use the demo on your site. Use this link:

  • Name: Henrik
  • Homepage: My Harry Potter Page
  • From: Norge
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 13:57:54 CST 2001
  • Comments: Cool game!!Does your CD go on Mac?¿

    Thanks Henrik! Yes, if your CD-ROM drive has a tray (instead of just a slot) it should work. I have tested on several types of Macs (iMac, G3, PowerMac).

    Basically, if the demo works on your Mac then the full version will work also.

  • Name: Abby
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 19:13:08 CST 2001
  • Comments: I think your game is so cool. I play it about every time I get on the computer.I think it's nice that you only make it for fun not competition. The full version sounds really cool because since I like the internet one alot the full version has more opsions.On the internet broomsticks can I change on to the blue team or change the person to a long-haired blond girl? Sorry my letter took so long and again I love your game Broomsticks. Sincerely, Abby

    Thanks Abby! I'm glad you like the game. In the demo you can only change to the other team by playing against another person (two player). You can change the character by using the ENTER key.

  • Name: Abby
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 19:21:57 CST 2001
  • Comments: Me again I Know these are weird questions,but anyway do you like animals,and do you have any and if so what are they and their names? Sincerly, Abby


    I do like animals but I do not have any of my own right now. :(

  • Name: Nick Rendall
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 20:08:59 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Nick Rendall
  • Homepage:
  • From: Colorado
  • Date: Mon Jan 1 20:15:29 CST 2001
  • Comments: THIS GAME ROCKS!!!! I will buy it if you lower the price. Ten dollars seems like a bit much.

  • Name: Spenser
  • Homepage: hogwarts
  • From: Dublin,NH
  • Date: Wed Jan 3 07:13:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is awsome!I was wondering if you could email me and tell me how i can make a game. My email address is . Spenser

    Thanks Spencer! The best way to make a game is to learn how to program. This can take years but is well worth it. For non-programmers I think there are some "game builder" software packages out there but I do not know much about them. They will definitely not be as flexible as programming.

  • Name: kristen & Amanda
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Wed Jan 3 16:25:04 CST 2001
  • Comments: You have the coolest Quidditch game on earth. WE LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. :-)

    Thanks girls!

  • Name: Richard Landau
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Thu Jan 4 17:33:47 CST 2001
  • Comments: brillent!

    Thanks Richard!

  • Name: Lukas
  • Homepage: wanna make one
  • From: New York city
  • Date: Thu Jan 4 18:48:33 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is great! Could you put sound on the demo? could you make it on a normal disk? More computers are equiped with slot loading drives? Will you come out with another version? Lukas


    I need to keep the demo as small as possible, so I will probably leave the sounds only in the full version as they are now.

    I do have it available on floppy disk. I could also make it on full-size CD, but I think the mini CDs are more fun. Most computers have a CD tray, the slot drives are less common.

    I may make improvements in the future. If so, I will make sure to post about it on this site. Actually, right now I do have a special surprise on the newest CDs! :-)

  • Name: Mara Potter
  • Homepage: Hogwarts School For Witchcraft & Wizardry
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Jan 6 14:36:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: Wow! That game is SO cool. It is a bit much to pay though... You should have the Snitch on the demo game too, I think. The backgrounds are really cool for the actuall game. Well, later, *Mara*

  • Name: Lukas
  • Homepage:
  • From: New York
  • Date: Sat Jan 6 16:53:13 CST 2001
  • Comments: Its me again I meant that some computers are manufactured with slot loads and if you made it on full size it would be open to others andi could get it just a ssugjestion keep it in mind Lukas

    True, I will consider it. I take it that you do not have a floppy drive? Do you have an iMac with slot CD-ROM? That's the only computer that I know of that has a slot CD-ROM and no floppy. Some iMacs have trays and some have slots, I wonder which is more common?

  • Name: Xavier Jones
  • Homepage: HarryPotterClub
  • From: Memphis,Tennessee
  • Date: Sat Jan 6 18:58:43 CST 2001
  • Comments: i like your game. i borrowed it. can you make a virtual harrypotter game.Thanx.

    Thanks! I'm thinking about it. :-)

  • Name: Tommy and earl
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Sun Jan 7 18:36:15 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is the greatest quidditch game out there we always look for Quiddich stuff but yours is the best we are going to order it soon we are addicted to it keep up the good work Sinceriley tom and earl

    Thanks guys!

  • Name: tim
  • Homepage:
  • From: michigan
  • Date: Sun Jan 7 20:58:16 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is cool. what software do you need to make a game like that?


    Thanks! I wrote the game from scratch using the Java programming language.

  • Name: tim
  • Homepage:
  • From: michigan
  • Date: Sun Jan 7 20:59:46 CST 2001
  • Comments: cool game. I want to make a game and i just want to know how much money you made of your broomsticks game so far. I think you should make a gameboy version of it. you could make alot of money

    A gameboy version would be good, except that gameboy is a closed platform. This means that only certain companies can develop for it. However, sometime I may port it to an open handheld platform, like the palm-pilot for example.

  • Name: Daniel Enking
  • Homepage:
  • From: Maine, USA
  • Date: Wed Jan 10 16:18:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: This game is ASUME! I can't wait to play the full version! Does it take up any space on a computer?I made my on game about Harry Potter, but it isn't on the computer. Do you know how I could make it on the computer?


    it only takes up a couple of megabytes. The best way to put your game on the computer is to learn to program. It takes a while to learn but is well worth it!

  • Name: Beth
  • Homepage:
  • From: VA
  • Date: Wed Jan 10 20:20:00 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is cool. Why is it called broomsticks and not quidditch? I might order it soon...its not to much to pay really. The demo was cool, so i expect the full version will be better. Have alot of people ordered the game so far? When did you make this game anyway? Was it easy or hard to make? well gotta go! neat game!! Beth


    I'm glad you like the game. Since my game is not official I cannot call it that. I'm sure you'll love the full version!

    A good number of people have ordered it. I made the game in September and have made some improvements since then. I have been programming for a long time so it wasn't very hard for me to make. It did take some time though, especially the full version.

  • Name: Lord Voldemort and Prof. Quirrel
  • Homepage:
  • From: Hogwarts in West Australia
  • Date: Thu Jan 11 05:12:52 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is wicked but Mum won't let us buy it so I guess we will have to visit your site again...and again...and again...and again

  • Name: Simon Paul
  • Homepage: Pepsoft©
  • From: Holland, Amsterdam
  • Date: Thu Jan 11 13:36:51 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hello, This site is very cool! Why don't you make a download for the "Broomsticks" game? I like Harry Potter very much (the book). I have all of them and I keep reading them. I hoop that the movie will be cool. Because the books are. If Electronic Arts© continue the game (A rpg) they are making, this would be the best game ever I think... but we never know. By and greetings from: The Netherlands (Holland).

  • Name: nadine castillo
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Thu Jan 11 23:40:38 CST 2001
  • Comments: Broomsticks is totally cool

    Thanks Nadine!

  • Name: nadine castillo
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Thu Jan 11 23:46:33 CST 2001
  • Comments: As soon as i started playing i couldnt get off.Mums geting really angry with me cause i spend so much time here.


  • Name: M.T
  • Homepage: HarryPotter2000
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Fri Jan 12 09:30:38 CST 2001
  • Comments: I really like this game! It is soooo cool! My other friends & I played the demo. We love it! Were CONCIDERING into buying the cd. Oh and, is it REALLY the size of a credit card?? Thank you! C U LATA! ~M.T COTA

    Thanks M.T!

    Yes, the CD really is that size!

  • Name: molly + ades
  • Homepage:
  • From: MA
  • Date: Fri Jan 12 14:44:43 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: joyze
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat Jan 13 02:44:22 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Ness
  • Homepage:
  • From: Somewhere
  • Date: Sat Jan 13 12:00:29 CST 2001
  • Comments: Love the full version. The 3-D game is good. Only 2 problems. One, the control with the mouse is,well,bad. Two, the castle is floating. Other than that, the collision detecters are better than most N64 games, the castle is awesome, and the frame rate is solid.


    I'm glad you are having fun with the full version! You spoiled the surprise, but that is ok. It was bound to get out.

    The 3D game is getting better. I have practically doubled the framerate for certain cards. You can also run it fullscreen.

    Let me how you would like it to change. Would you like key controls in addition to the mouse? How about gameplay ideas?

  • Name: Paul Rajlich
  • Homepage: Paul's Homepage
  • From: Illinois
  • Date: Sat Jan 13 13:21:48 CST 2001
  • Comments:

    Let me clarify the last post to everybody else now that the cat is out of the bag. :-)

    The newest version of the CD comes with a special bonus! It is a very early version of a 3D game. The purpose of this is for testing and for people to give me feedback. The 3D game is not guaranteed to work on your system. In fact, right now the 3D game only runs on Windows and you need a capable graphics card that has support for OpenGL.


  • Name: Jeroen Willemse
  • Homepage: \
  • From: Belgium
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 02:48:57 CST 2001
  • Comments: I like the game Broomsticks I like Harry Potter I have a question: Can you speak dutch ? Send your answer !! Jeroen


    Sorry, I do not speak Dutch.

  • Name: marcos papaleontiou
  • Homepage:
  • From: Cyprus
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 04:11:41 CST 2001
  • Comments: THIS IS A HECK OF A GAME!!!!!!!!!11

    Thanks Marcos!

  • Name: Morgan Begg
  • Homepage:
  • From: canada
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 09:52:33 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love the game!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Morgan!

  • Name: Mystica
  • Homepage: Cloaks of Wonder
  • From: Harry Potter World!!!
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 16:11:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: This is so kewl!!!! I wish i knew a way i could make peeps play wuidditch like that on my site!!! i will recommend Broomsticks to every one!!!!

    Glad you like the game. You can link to my game from your site. Use this link:

  • Name: Leenie
  • Homepage:
  • From: Sydney, Australia
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 18:48:21 CST 2001
  • Comments: I absolutely LOVE your game!!!

    Thanks Leenie!

  • Name: samurai
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sun Jan 14 23:59:05 CST 2001
  • Comments: cool game =)

  • Name: Amy
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Mon Jan 15 11:19:52 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hey everyone That game was fun

  • Name: Kel
  • Homepage: none
  • From: usa
  • Date: Mon Jan 15 15:03:04 CST 2001
  • Comments: Paul the game was great.Im a girl who loves Harry Potter, you sound like you are one hot guy.I dont even know you but you sound so sexy. email me so we can talk about your game and about us. P.S. if you email me i will get everyone i know to buy your game.EMAIL ME PLEASE, I WANT YOU BAD BABY!!

    LOL! This post cracks me up! :-)

  • Name: Josh Weeden
  • Homepage: -
  • From: Surrey, England
  • Date: Tue Jan 16 15:08:35 CST 2001
  • Comments: This game is an exelent way to play Quidditch and have fun. From a great Harry Potter Fan.

    Thanks Josh!

  • Name: Sara
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Tue Jan 16 15:11:06 CST 2001
  • Comments: To anyone who doesn't know, Everyone who signed this guestbook and read "mysterymonkey"'s comments, should have recieved an email that said that the mysterymonkey person was AUCTUALLY an imposter, and that mysterymonkey has no bad feelings toward Paul's work (In fact, they like it!) So, anyone who, like me, thought Mysterymoney was a little- well, rude- it's not their fault, they didn't do it. Oh by the way paul, how do I put your demo on my site? I'd love to.


    that's good to hear! I didn't get a copy of that email, please send it to me.

    You can use this link:

  • Name: Gandalph Rowen
  • Homepage:
  • From: the Shire
  • Date: Tue Jan 16 16:15:42 CST 2001
  • Comments: This game is really cool. I hope you make a lot of money of it. I'm going to see if my mum will let me buy it. I hope you can make it better and better. Are you going to try? Cheers from the Shire

    Thanks! I may make improvements, we'll see.

  • Name: Nicholas
  • Homepage: None
  • From: NewZealand
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 01:48:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: Its WICKID,Ive already sent away for it and i think everyone should buy it.

    Thanks Nicholas, I look forward to receiving your order.

  • Name: yuy&nut&nun
  • Homepage:
  • From: Thailand
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 06:56:21 CST 2001
  • Comments: I like broomsticks game very much. It so funny ! Thank you for create this game to play. I would like to download it to play in my PC ,but I can't do that. Do you help me? Thank you agian !

    You are welcome. I'm glad you are having fun with it!

  • Name: Owen McIntyre
  • Homepage: Yahoo
  • From: Detroit, MI
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 13:15:58 CST 2001
  • Comments: This is a really fun game which I like alot, but I have a few questions & comments. First the broomsticks move a little slow and I wonder,"can you turn up the speed on the game in the full version without affecting the ball speed?" thats it for now and I want to say "great game" Owen "Jareel" McIntyre


    yes, you can turn up the speed but it does make the balls go faster also. Thanks!

  • Name: Brandon Jason
  • Homepage: Harry Potter All Around
  • From: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 16:01:59 CST 2001

    Thanks Brandon!

  • Name: Paul VanDerSluijs
  • Homepage:
  • From: Dayton, Ohio
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 16:56:09 CST 2001
  • Comments: I Bought your cd of Broomsticks, and it is great!!

    I'm glad you like the full version Paul!

  • Name: Michaela
  • Homepage:
  • From: Massachusetts
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 18:42:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: Great game!!! MY sister likes it....and one of my friends Lauren ALWAYS wants to play it! (but she doesn't READ anything so she proabably doesn't know about the full version) Also I've heard the C.D. is small so does it still work like a regualar C.D.? I mean does it fit in the disk drive???? Well...that's all and keep going with the games!!!!!!


    yes, it works just like a regular CD. If you open your CD-ROM drive, you will notice that the tray has an inner ring. The mini CD fits right in there.

  • Name: Anthony Slauenwhite
  • Homepage:
  • From: Patten,Maine
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 19:05:15 CST 2001
  • Comments: hey paul awesome game i was wondering how long will it take for my order to get here to Maine? Can you play it after installed without the cd? i think your price is reasonable you must have put alot of work onto it oh did i mention it was a great game?I expect the full version to be like a magnet to me if the demo is that good.


    it will probably take 2 or 3 days. Yes, after you install it you can play it from your hard-drive without putting the CD in the CD-ROM drive. I'm sure you will love the full version! :-)

  • Name: Anthony Slauenwhite
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Wed Jan 17 19:09:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: sorry last time what i ment is after its installed can you open the game and play it without the cd? great game once i get the game i'll be having breakfast on computer with broomstick marshmallows

    Yes. I know what you meant. :-)

  • Name: Nicholas
  • Homepage:
  • From: Newzealand
  • Date: Thu Jan 18 15:50:49 CST 2001
  • Comments: Broomsticks is so Wiked that i play it twice a day and my parents have to yell at me to get me off it.Have you got my order yet?


    Nope, haven't gotten your order yet. When did you send it? It may take more than a week from New Zealand to get here.

  • Name: Anne
  • Homepage:
  • From: R.I , USA
  • Date: Thu Jan 18 16:27:46 CST 2001
  • Comments: Nice game! its the best quidditch one on the web so far! I was wondering, How many of the full versions have u sold? Great job again!

    Thanks! Glad you like the game. How many I have sold is a secret. :-) However, I will tell you that it is over 100.

  • Name: Harry Potter Fan :)
  • Homepage: Do You Believe in Magic?
  • From:
  • Date: Thu Jan 18 20:07:50 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love your game, and I'm getting the full version. Anyway, I wanted to know if maybe I could link to your game from my webpage. If not, that's ok. Again, I love your game. :)

    Thanks! Sure, you can link to the game!

  • Name: Alex
  • Homepage:
  • From: England
  • Date: Fri Jan 19 05:35:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: Ithink that this game is the best ever but i live in england so how can i get the full version. please email me. P:S This game rules


    I've had a good number of orders from the UK. All you need to do is find a way to send me $10 US. One way is to use my PayPal button. Another is to get an international money order at your bank or post office.

  • Name: Alexe
  • Homepage:
  • From: Calgary, Alberta
  • Date: Fri Jan 19 09:10:16 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi.Our game is absolutly awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=-)

    Thanks Alexe!

  • Name: Katie
  • Homepage: The Best of Harry Potter
  • From: New York (America)
  • Date: Sat Jan 20 07:06:54 CST 2001
  • Comments: How did you make the Broomsticks game? Please, anyone that can, TELL ME! Visit me at my site and tell me in my guestbook! Anyone that can will reicieve 50 Galleons, a bank account, a chance to win 15 more Galleons, and a place in Hogwarts! So please contact me as soon as possible!

    I wrote the game from scratch using the Java programming language. Programming can take years to master but it is well worth it!

  • Name: Sissi
  • Homepage:
  • From: New Mexico
  • Date: Sat Jan 20 20:48:55 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love Harry Potter books sooooooooo much!

  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage:
  • From: Ft.McMurray, AB, Canada
  • Date: Sat Jan 20 20:56:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love your game and would like to buy it but I have a question. How much would it cost in Canadian?

    According to, $10 US is about $15 Canadian. If you order through PayPal, this will be taken care of automatically. If you pay by check or money order, just have it say $10 US and you will be set.

  • Name: K. millikan
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 08:45:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: My sons really love this game, It helps bridge the gap between the books and Harry Potter reality. Good Job.


  • Name: chris loesch
  • Homepage: don't have one
  • From: Indiana
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 09:49:10 CST 2001
  • Comments: wwwwwwwhhhhhaaaazzzzzuuupppp!!!! i really like your game and the mini cd looks pretty cool too. i haven't played with anyone else yet because i'm grounded at the moment. i realy like it but i think you should make it so that we can control their diving ability! well i will probably send the money tommorrow so i hope i will enjoy it!!! g2g paul, chris ps. is there a time limit before the snitch comes out, because on your screen shots i saw a little gold bar at the top

    :-) Thanks for the suggestion! I'm sure you will love it!

    Yes, the snitch comes out after some amount of time. You can choose how much time that is, even 0 if you want.

  • Name: 100% Dark^Matter
  • Homepage: dunno
  • From: Calgary
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 15:46:49 CST 2001
  • Comments: Really cool,

  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage:
  • From: Fort McMurray, AB, Can.
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 17:36:05 CST 2001
  • Comments: I really love your game and am considering paying $15 (can.) for the full version but I have a suggestion about updates. If someone buys the cd and a new update comes i think that you should post a patch on your page so to get the new updates. This way a person wouldn't have to pay for a new game and can just download the updates from your webpage. This would be a great idea ind if confirmed would gurantee my purchase of the game.


    great idea! Yes, I will do that.

  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage: None
  • From: Ft. McMurray, AB Canada
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 20:40:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: I have a question. can you send cash instead of a cheque or money order because i dont have a chequeing account and my bank is on the other side of town (I can't get a ride there.)


    you can, but I don't recommend it. If you decide to, make sure it can't be seen through the envelope (hide it inside a folded piece of paper or something).

  • Name: Brad17
  • Homepage: Brad23's hacks and programs
  • From: Australia
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 21:06:22 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi Paul, it's me, you've probably forgotten who I am though. I have finally learnt to program in Visual Basic 5.0 Professional edition, and have made a few programs and one game. What I really want to know is have any new versions come out since I got one from you?

    Nope, I haven't forgotten you Brad.

    Excellent! Glad to hear that you have taken up programming, stick with it!

    The Broomsticks game is the same since you got your full version. However, I have added a demo of the Broomsticks 3D game that I am working on.

  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage: None
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Sun Jan 21 21:30:10 CST 2001
  • Comments: I have another question (sorry, you are probably getting sick of me by now) but how many upgrades have you made to the game at this time and what is included on the cd?

    The full version has a bunch of improvements over the demo version. However, the full version hasn't changed much at all since I've started selling it. I have added some things to the CD though.

    Here's what's included on the CD:

    • Broomsticks Full version - with all the goodies
    • Broomsticks 3D demo - early demo of 3D game
    • Lasertron - an older Java game I made

  • Name: chris loesch
  • Homepage:
  • From: Indiana
  • Date: Mon Jan 22 15:38:23 CST 2001
  • Comments: its me again. well i sent the money off and i heard about the things that u added to the cd and they sound really cool i hope u finish the 3d game soon !!!!!!!!

  • Name: Kyle
  • Homepage:
  • From: Indiana,USA
  • Date: Mon Jan 22 19:00:55 CST 2001
  • Comments: phat game i loved it i want to bye the full game but my mom won't let me.

    Thanks Kyle!

  • Name: Evan Wheaton
  • Homepage:
  • From: Portland,Oregon
  • Date: Mon Jan 22 19:27:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is so cool! Iwant it so badly!

    Thanks Evan

  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage: None
  • From:
  • Date: Mon Jan 22 19:40:26 CST 2001
  • Comments: I want to start learning to program and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Things like, what books to read, sites to visit, programs to purchase and download, ect. I am really serious about this matter and you inspired me to try harder and do something about my future dream. Please reply.

    You probably want to start with a simple language like BASIC. You don't need to buy Visual Basic, there are free BASIC compilers out there. Check out this site:

  • Name: Xavier Jones
  • Homepage: HarryPotterClub
  • From: Memphis,Tennessee
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 00:34:41 CST 2001
  • Comments: Can you please sign my guestbook? Also I would like for you to be one of the game programmers for my site. I need me some good games. Can you teach me how to make some games too? I already know how to do html (hyper-text markup language). Please don't refuse this offer. I really need somebody to help me. I am 12 years old.


    seems your guestbook is down right now. Thanks for linking to my game!

    I'm sorry but I am way too busy to do something like that. I barely have time to work on my site. :-) However, if you have questions I'll be happy to answer them. Just send me an email.

  • Name: Aldog2007
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 14:40:27 CST 2001
  • Comments: This game is cool and fun!!!!!!!!! But why isn'tthere a golden snitch????????

    There's a gold ball in the full version.

  • Name: Aldog2007
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 14:44:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: This game is cool and fun,does the full version have the golden snitch that you have to catch to win!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!????????????

    Yep, that's right!

  • Name: Harry Potter (J.K Rowling)
  • Homepage:
  • From: england
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 16:27:35 CST 2001
  • Comments: cool game kid lower the price and i'll (maybe) start publishing them with my up-coming Harry Potter Book (Harry Potter and the order of the phineox) ok give me your answer


  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 17:29:31 CST 2001
  • Comments: Paul, I went to and went to the link that said How To Get Qbaisic, Click here. It took me to a microsoft site that told me the file is no longer in circulation. Could you send me qbasic thru email? -Dustin p.s. I am 13 years old, in case you were wondering.

    I don't have qbasic anymore, it's been a while. :-) However, you don't need the original Microsoft qbasic, there are other free shareware compilers out there. Check out the "files" section on that website.

  • Name: Margie
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 19:18:59 CST 2001
  • Comments: I have a Harry Potter web page and I love your game. Do you think I could link it to my web page???

    Sure you can!

  • Name: Nick Perry
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 20:17:00 CST 2001
  • Comments: You kick!!!!!!!!!

  • Name: Motoharu
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 20:35:29 CST 2001
  • Comments: I love the game but I still have yet to get the full version. I think this is an exiting and fun game. Can't wait for the real one. I have played the online demo so many times it's hard to keep trakk! Maybe 10-13 ok, ok, 15-20 or it could be 20-35......Don't know but it is great.


  • Name: Xavier Jones
  • Homepage: HarryPotterClub
  • From: Memphis,Tennessee
  • Date: Tue Jan 23 22:06:18 CST 2001
  • Comments: Well when you get the chance to can you please sign my guestbook. I bought the visual basics book. It has a lot of information in it about game programming. You are the right person to help make games for my site. Please just try. Thanx.

  • Name: hanke
  • Homepage: sex
  • From: lvkdsj
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 10:52:45 CST 2001
  • Comments: afdfahkjenbmmadfuiiewbbbdygadfkjhdf

  • Name: Dana Smalley
  • Homepage:
  • From: vermont
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 12:05:28 CST 2001
  • Comments: I am the biggest hp fan in the hole world i have everything hp in my room

  • Name: Kristine
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 18:02:44 CST 2001
  • Comments: cool game

    Thanks Kristine!

  • Name: HP Fan
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 19:31:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi! I got the full version of the game, and I LOVE it. But I was just wondering if you have any tips on how to catch the fast gold ball. (The Snitch.) If it's a game secret or something, I understand, but I was just wondering. Thanks!

    It is pretty hard to catch. The best strategy is to try to corner it in one of the upper corners of the screen.

  • Name: Angela
  • Homepage:
  • From: Connecticut
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 19:58:21 CST 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Mara Potter
  • Homepage: Hogwarts University
  • From: Oregon?
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 22:17:29 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi again! I was just wondering if I could put a link on my site to your site. And I still like your site! Does HTML work in your guestbook? 'Cause if it doesn't, then you can see all this code stuff! Bye! *Mara*

    Sure, feel free to link to my site.

    I want to avoid HTML in the guestbook because references to images and such will cause this guestbook page to load slower.

  • Name: David Schmid
  • Homepage:
  • From: Brunn, Österreich
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 09:51:00 CST 2001
  • Comments: Cooles Spiel!!! Cool game!!! David

    Thanks David!

  • Name: Molly Woulfe
  • Homepage:
  • From: WI
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 12:46:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your Game is positivly fun, yet has a boring demo. Of course the full version must be spectacular! I can't wait to get it!

    Thanks Molly! I'm sure you will like the full version.

  • Name: lowrypierich
  • Homepage:
  • From: somewere in usa
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 15:22:19 CST 2001
  • Comments: I rillylike the game it's cool ones i made it with out geting hit by a black thing and i won

    Not even once? Good job!

  • Name: Jessi
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 16:47:02 CST 2001
  • Comments: Awsome site!!!

    Thanks Jessi!

  • Name: EVANNE
  • Homepage:
  • From: RICHMOND, VA
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 18:58:21 CST 2001

    Thanks! Yes, it does work with Windows ME.

    Basically, if the demo version works on your system, so will the full version.

  • Name: Daniel and Graham
  • Homepage:
  • From: Calgary
  • Date: Fri Jan 26 16:38:59 CST 2001
  • Comments: Very cool

  • Name: Hayley Dodd
  • Homepage: wouldn't have a clue
  • From: outer space (Uranus)
  • Date: Sat Jan 27 03:14:36 CST 2001
  • Comments: Broomsticks rocks i could use a copy out in space bye signed the lunytics Hayley dodd & kieran (who is a complet sico)

  • Name: katielewis
  • Homepage: --------
  • From: wales
  • Date: Sat Jan 27 04:23:14 CST 2001
  • Comments: I thought broomsticks is fab from katie

    Thanks Katie!

  • Name: Quidditch Fan
  • Homepage: don't have one! :(
  • From: Charleston, West Virginia
  • Date: Sat Jan 27 18:24:26 CST 2001
  • Comments: Yo Paul, I really liked the way you executed this Quidditch game. Most other programmers use a top-down perspective (like the Mystery Monkey people). Your idea was extremely cool. Minor quibble: I played a few games against my sister and figured out right away that the easiest way to win is just to stay on top of your opponent and squish them whenever they try to fly. You have complete control of the field - I even beat the best computer mode that way. Maybe instead of starting over on the ground players could just get "bounced"? Probably this strategy doesn't work with more than two players.... Wouldn't it be really cool to have a 3D Quidditch game (first-person view, leaning ver your broom i guess) where your mouse pointer directed which way to go? That would combine the best aspects of the top-down view (turns, dodges) with your perspective (dives, climbs). Now THAT would be cool. Signing off, Noodles (no, it's not my real name :-)


    True, however, when you add the black balls into the mix it isn't always easy to stay above the other player constantly. It is especially hard if the field is smaller or there are more than 2 black balls. You can control these parameters in the full version.

    Actually, I am working on a 3D game. An early version of it comes with the CD. And yes, it is very cool! :-) You use the mouse just like you mentioned!

  • Name: Lukas
  • Homepage:
  • From: nyc
  • Date: Sat Jan 27 19:42:27 CST 2001
  • Comments: hey paul, I was wondering if you could make on cd-rom form for the people who ask for it? Lukas


    I'm not sure I understand the question. The game does come on a CD-ROM. It is smaller than a regular CD but it works just the same.

  • Name: Lukas again
  • Homepage:
  • From: NYC
  • Date: Sat Jan 27 21:46:13 CST 2001
  • Comments: Could you make the 3d version for mac also and when will it come out? Will you put it on cd or an upgrade for your site? and will you post a message when it does? Lukas,


    good question. The engine is portable (OpenGL and SDL). However, I have no experience compiling on Macs. So, my answer is that once I finish the game I will find out how to compile it for Mac users. So yes, it will also be for macs unless I run into unforseen problems.

    Right now I'm not sure how long it will take. I will let you know though.

    I'm planning on including it on the same CD (with Broomsticks), just like I am doing now with the early Windows version. I will also provide a way for people to upgrade if they have an older version.

  • Name: WoodE
  • Homepage:
  • From: New Zealand
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 00:40:21 CST 2001
  • Comments: Cool Game!! Sadly enough i can't get the game cos my computer won't let me install it but I have played it at a friends house!! :-)

  • Name: Joey braun
  • Homepage:
  • From: maryland
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 09:42:11 CST 2001
  • Comments: Harry Potter is awsome. I read all the books so far and in 3 and a half days. I can't wait until the next one comes out. I geuss I will read them again and play with my Harry Potter quiditch cards. J.K. Rowling is the best author I've ever heard of.

  • Name: gartains
  • Homepage: none
  • From: the netherlands
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 14:27:02 CST 2001
  • Comments: it is a cool game and i really think you must go on!!!!!! gartains


  • Name: esse
  • Homepage: dont have one
  • From: no where
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 16:56:39 CST 2001
  • Comments: i luv ur game! My BF gave me the site and its absolutly wonderful!bye


  • Name: The SnitchCatcher, Asterix
  • Homepage:
  • From: nyc
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 18:46:40 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is totally fabulous! It's just like the real thing! But I have some suggestions. I read parts of the guestbook and it seems like everyone has suggestions for the 3D version. Here are my ideas: The view is from the player's eyes (like "noodle" suggested) and you use the mouse to guide. On the side of the screen is a small map so you can see where everyone else is. You catch, steal, and shoot the Quaffle by clicking the mouse pointer. Of course, you can only steal if you're close enough. Also, there should by all 7 players on a side. Otherwise your game is terrific, I love it! ----Asterix le Gaulois (new to america, sorry for misspellings!)

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've been working mostly on the 3D engine, so there isn't that much gameplay yet. Right now it's only single player. It's more like practice for the real thing. :-)

  • Name: Devin
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 19:12:51 CST 2001
  • Comments: Great Game! But how do I mail it to u? Do I just send 10 dollars to u?


    you can either order online or send me $10 and your address by mail.

  • Name: Lukas
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 19:37:27 CST 2001
  • Comments: I sent you my order and I hope it gets there i meant that could you put it on a full sized disk? lukas

    Great. Thanks for your order!

    I could put it on a full-sized disk. However, the mini CD is more fun and it is also easier to send by mail.

  • Name: Sascha Pfeifer
  • Homepage: ?
  • From: Germany
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 07:20:56 CST 2001
  • Comments: Cool site and it´s cool to play this "sport"

  • Name: Daniel Zimmermann
  • Homepage:
  • From: Germany/Dreisbach
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 07:23:47 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hi Harry-Potter-Fans, I´m Daniel. I am in the 8 grade. I´m 14 years old. Quidditch is fine. I love the books from Joanne K. Rowling. I´m happy about the film over Harry Potter. Bye

  • Name: Fabian Zimmermann
  • Homepage:
  • From: Germany
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 07:26:21 CST 2001
  • Comments: The game is so cool. I play it every Wednesday. The game were better, when we can catch the Schnatz.

  • Name: Viktor Krum
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 14:11:25 CST 2001
  • Comments: Your game is great!!! I have a question: Where can I find how to program? Bye! P-S: Could you put the golden snitch on the demo?

    Thanks! You will probably want to select a language and then search for books or online tutorials. I started with the BASIC programming language.

  • Name: Devo Zac.
  • Homepage:
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 19:34:50 CST 2001
  • Comments: Hey! This game rox! Are u gonna make a 3D online game?

    Thanks! I am working on a 3D game, but it is not online.

  • Name: bhn
  • Homepage: bhnv
  • From: njhvyn
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 19:38:55 CST 2001
  • Comments: bn bvn nh nh

  • Name: Anna
  • Homepage:
  • From: wisconsin
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 21:50:47 CST 2001
  • Comments: i love this game its awesome its so so fun!!!! Anna

    Thanks Anna!