Broomsticks by Paul Rajlich


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  • Name: Dustin Gabriel
  • Homepage: Insano Enterprises
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Wed May 2 13:15:15 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Thanks alot again, Paul. I have mastered Basic but JavaScript is a bit too complex and time consuming for me at the moment (I can only use the PC 30 min a day) so I have decided to take up flash first. The Full Version is a bit expensive so I will have to save for awhile. Anyway, Thank you very much for all of your help. BROOMSTICKS RULZ!!! P.S. Can you post a notice on your site when the full 3D Broomsticks when it is done? I am looking forward to it!


    good to see that you are programming! You are welcome.

    Will do. However, I have been very busy with other stuff, so I haven't had a chance to work on the 3D version much.

  • Name: Nate
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Thu May 3 14:49:21 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I really like the game and am going to get the full version. I've got 1 question though, if i give you my name and adress, you won't give it out will you?????????

    Thanks Nate!

    No, I don't give out that information to anybody.

  • Name: Tyler Davis
  • Homepage: Harry Potter Freaks
  • From: Utah
  • Date: Thu May 3 17:18:55 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I think it is so cool the only thing that would make it better is if it were in 3D or the game exsisted also on a TI83 calulator.


    I am working on a 3D game. As for the TI83, that's a good idea. However, the game would have to be ported.

  • Name: Chris
  • Homepage:
  • From: Florida
  • Date: Thu May 3 18:56:14 CDT 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Franco
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Fri May 4 08:23:12 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I love your game. it is my birthday this month and thats all i asked for!are you coming out with broomsticks 3000 ?if you are whats it about?


    Thanks! I'm working on Broomsticks 3D. There's a demo of it on the Broomsticks CD.

  • Name: Tanmayee
  • Homepage: Up The Faraway Tree
  • From: India
  • Date: Sat May 5 04:15:29 CDT 2001
  • Comments: hey there, Congratulations on this wonderful game...I realised I am not all that great at Quidditch!! Heh..But, I loved playing the game and I think you are a genius to have made it so cool! I love Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone is my favourite, followed by Goblet of Fire. I am eagerly awaiting the movie now. Are you too? Do come up with more of such stuff...I would love to come back... Love, Tanmayee.

    Thanks Tanmayee! I'm glad you had fun with the game.

  • Name: karen
  • Homepage: karenshpsite
  • From: belgium
  • Date: Sat May 5 09:26:39 CDT 2001
  • Comments: yo, i am 11 years old and i like harry potter i come from belgium i like broomsticks bye

    Thanks Karen!

  • Name: Dev
  • Homepage: !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Sat May 5 10:25:00 CDT 2001
  • Comments: This website is awsome!!! I haven't been to a website this good in about 6 months!!!

    That's quite a compliment. Thanks Dev!

  • Name: ???
  • Homepage:
  • From: ???
  • Date: Sat May 5 12:42:01 CDT 2001
  • Comments: WAZ UP!!! Your game kicks a$$

    Thanks! :-)

  • Name: Gaga
  • Homepage:
  • From: Poland
  • Date: Sun May 6 09:47:12 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Great game i am looking forward to buy it on a Cd.


  • Name: Marinke
  • Homepage: Harry Potter Toverwereld
  • From: Nederland (NL)
  • Date: Tue May 8 09:41:23 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi, ik ben Marinke en ik kom van Nederland (NL), voor degene die dit niet kennen, ik kom uit Holland, en ik spreek Dutch Hi, I am Marinke, eleven years old. I leer English on my school! I'm from Holland, and I speaking Dutch

    Thanks for translating. :-)

  • Name: Zottelhexe
  • Homepage:
  • From: Germany/Bavaria/Biesenhard
  • Date: Tue May 8 15:22:35 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hello! Sorry, your play doesn't works at my PC! There's only a little red cross left on the top! What can I do? Is my PC too old? Or need I a special programme? Please help me! My friends from Hogwarts are all playing Broomstick, only I cynnot.. Snif. :(

    It should work on older PCs as long as you don't have a very old web browser. What browser and version are you using?

  • Name: noel
  • Homepage: broom sticks
  • From: new zealand
  • Date: Tue May 8 17:38:13 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I really like the qutech demo game but I think the full fershion will be better

    You are right! :-D

  • Name: renga
  • Homepage: http://
  • From: thailand
  • Date: Tue May 8 22:00:03 CDT 2001
  • Comments: you're homepage is very good . can you teach meabort homepage . ha..ha.. is a joke Z I'm sorry I can speak english very litter bye...

    Thanks. If you want to make your own homepage, check out They provide free webpage hosting.

  • Name: Marvin The Martian
  • Homepage: none
  • From:
  • Date: Thu May 10 06:27:17 CDT 2001
  • Comments: This game is good and I will buy it if it gets a dive button. Good work though it is the best quiditch game ever I also love lasertron!

    I'm going to try out the dive idea sometime soon and see if it makes the game better or worse.


  • Name: Alicia
  • Homepage: Potter Nation
  • From: The USA
  • Date: Thu May 10 19:55:25 CDT 2001
  • Comments: This game is so cool! I won three times! I wonder though, was it easy to make? Like JavaScript? Anyway, this is the best Quidditch game I have ever seen! I'd like to get the Full Version, but I'll have to ask my parents first.

    Thanks Alicia! The demo version didn't take me long to make, but the full version did take a good amount of time. It is done in Java which is not the same as Javascript.

  • Name: Link
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Thu May 10 22:10:40 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I like your game and hopefully when I get enogh money I'll get it.


  • Name: ?
  • Homepage:
  • From: Australia
  • Date: Fri May 11 02:02:44 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Your game is great. But I'm not sure if my parents will let me buy the full version. I also LOVE the Harry Potter books.


  • Name: Javiter
  • Homepage:
  • From: U.S.A
  • Date: Fri May 11 09:51:11 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I love this game. It is just like Harry Potter. To improve it, you can add cheat codes.Hello! This is the coolest game. I can't wait for real flying broomsticks comes out. This is the best game since TAG, simcopter, or pokemon.

    Thanks Javiter! What should the cheat codes do?

  • Name: Draghuli
  • Homepage: Skyride 3D - the internet's first 3D Quidditch ever ! Free download !
  • From: Germany
  • Date: Sat May 12 09:52:19 CDT 2001
  • Comments: He Paul ! Actually, I don't really like your game as much as your fans do :P but I've seen many people who put it on their websites and so I guess it can't be THAT bad... *g* Well, actually, I'd propose an online highscore... Those who are fastest at scoring the 50 points will enter the hall of fame.. It could be easily done with Perl or PHP... I might perhpas help you with that if I got the time... It'd make the game much more funny, I think. And yeah ! What about a German version ? I definitely could translate the game texts for you if you mail them to me. And yeah guys, I made the FIRST 3d quidditch game that's available on the internet EVER. As far as I know, it's the only one... It's called Skyride 3D and FREE.

    That's a good idea (about the online highscore)!

    There is already somebody who said that he would do the translation. However, if I don't hear from him soon, I'll be glad to let you do it!

    Cool about your 3D game. I'll have to check it out. I have a 3D game as well. However, it is too big for me to let people download it.

  • Name: Hannah
  • Homepage: have none
  • From: Farmville, Pierce City, Missouri
  • Date: Sat May 12 18:14:21 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I love this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My sister Mary Beth agrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game rocks!!!!! Have you gotten sorted into houses on a different Web Site? How old are you? I'm 10.I'm typing this for my sister (who's 9)also.We think this is the best game ever!!!Tyler our cousin showed us the game.When He got then full version!!!We instaled it on both our families computers!!!Mary Beth is absessed with Harry Potter !!!!!!It is perfect to play this game while listening to Napster on the computer!! This is my first time on this Web Site!!! Mary Beth is going to type something now.- Hi I love hary potty and the part where Peeves goes o'Potter you roter o whut have you dune you'er killing of students you think it is great fun , and got'ch yah conk ,and last lony lopy lopin. sarry time is out biy. So now you have heard from both of us Mr.Rajlich. Thank you for creating broomsticks. Good-Bye. Thank you again.

    Thanks Hannah and Mary Beth!

    Yeah, only the Broomsticks game is on this website. I'm 27 years old.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Name: Peter Cardi
  • Homepage:
  • From: Columbine Valley, CO
  • Date: Sat May 12 21:29:55 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I just got the full version, and it's awesome!!!!! :-) Something weird happened though. I was playing the "long" game as Harry and was trying to find the controls for the blonde girl on the green team and she took off and scored about six (literally!) goals for the green team while I was trying to catch the golden snitch. i just scrabbled my fingers around at the bottom of the number pad, I'm not sure what buttons I hit. Do you have any cheats that I accidentally discovered? Please tell me!

    Thanks Peter!

    Did you hit "Page Up"? That is the button that makes that player controlled by the computer.

  • Name: Antony Potter
  • Homepage: Harry Potter Rocks This World
  • From: NZ
  • Date: Sat May 12 23:41:46 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Yo its antony, in NZ dollars how much would i need exactly cause I,m going to order the game!

    According to, $10 US is about $23 NZ.

  • Name: Matthew Davis
  • Homepage: The home page isn't important
  • From: A U S T R A L I A!
  • Date: Mon May 14 04:24:57 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi! Ok, Paul... ANZAC Day is this holiday where we remember all the stuff the solders did for us in Australia when they were at war. I thank them for two main things... 1. They fought for Australia with honour 2. I get the day off school! (Hey! I'm only in High School!) ANZAC stands for: Australia New Zealand Army Corps. There, it is true, you DO learn something new everyday! Anyhow, I've given up on recreating Broomsticks. Aparently, I need code to get the flying right. At the moment, if you press down while you're going left, you start flying backwards towards the right and you're floating upwards. I found out that the mistery person was one of my former friends at Cooroora Secondary College (My current high school in Pomona, AKA: Poo Town, and don't ask why!) HELP!!!!! Matthew Davis PS: Look at this cool ASCII Picture. (\(^o^)/)

    You are right Matt, there is something new to learn everyday. Thanks for the info!

  • Name: Franco
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Mon May 14 08:33:37 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Did you get any marzella check this week ccaus i sent you a check for the game!


    I got it today (Tuesday, May 15)! I'll send the CD tomorrow morning.

  • Name: hpmons (yet again)
  • Homepage: hogwarts
  • From: london, platform 9 3/4
  • Date: Tue May 15 08:06:12 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi! have u checked out officail hp site's quidditch - it's only beater practice.

    Yeah, I tried it out. It's decent, but I like Broomsticks better. :-D

  • Name: K.Sreyas
  • Homepage: unofficial harrypotter website
  • From: India
  • Date: Wed May 16 05:19:56 CDT 2001
  • Comments: It is avery good game.I suggest some more back grounds.

    Thanks! The full version has more backgrounds. You can also use your own!

  • Name: Falcn03
  • Homepage: N/A
  • From: NY
  • Date: Wed May 16 14:45:30 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi. I think this game is great, but it would be AWESOME if it was 3D. I also think that you should try to make a game that is like real Quiddich with a snitch, quaffle, two bludgers, beaters, chasers, keepers, and seekers! :-)

  • Name: Falcn03
  • Homepage: N/A
  • From: NY
  • Date: Wed May 16 14:50:37 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi. You ARE making a 3D version! My friend loves this game and he told me! Could you PLEASE e-mail me when it's done? THANX!!!

    Yep. The graphics are amazing (it is a Quake3 style renderer)! However, I haven't had much time to work on it lately. The gameplay is really simple right now. You fly around a deserted castle and see how long it takes to capture 10 flying gold balls.

    Here's a screenshot:

    It's already on the CD. However, right now it only runs on Windows. You also need a graphics card that supports OpenGL. Most do.

  • Name: Tom
  • Homepage:
  • From: PA
  • Date: Fri May 18 11:17:21 CDT 2001
  • Comments: ***Hi! Your Game is awsome! So many people have TRIED to create realistic Quidditch games. You ar the only one who HAS! I love it and im buying the full version! I loved this game so much, i'm trying to create my own game. So far it's pretty pathetic. Just a (slowwwwww) race where you tap buttons to make thm go! And o yea! sometimes they just disappear from the screen. (i'm calling it Broomfire***

    Thanks Tom!

    Let me know when your game is done and I'll try it out. Cool name BTW.

  • Name: Tom again, again
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Fri May 18 11:51:04 CDT 2001
  • Comments: My last message disappered when i wrote it, but what i ment to say, is it would be sweet if people could fall off their brooms!

    Thanks for the suggestion. You're right, that would be cool.

  • Name: Thad
  • Homepage:
  • From: Indiana
  • Date: Fri May 18 18:48:43 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi Paul this is my first time to sign your guestbook. My hat goes off to you for what you've done with Broomsticks.Me and my friend Jon started coming to this website a few weeks ago. Now we even come down to the computer lab during lunch just to play Broomsticks. We are going to try to get our teacher to buy your full version for next year.This game is awesome!!!!!! Would you recomend any other Harry Potter sites for us Harry-Hungry fans?I just wanted to ask that and say again your game is awesome!!!

    Thanks Thad! Comments like this make my day! :-)

    As for Harry Potter sites, there are so many that it is hard to say.

  • Name: Roger Davies
  • Homepage: Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
  • From: new york moved to florida eight years 'go(moved across the country)
  • Date: Sat May 19 00:06:38 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I love ur game I made a site and every one loves it mostly cause of ur game on it and of course my briliant lessons that I made on history of magic, care of magical beasts, muggle studies, potions etc. but I thank u so much on making this but could u tell me how u made this game cause my dad works in computers but is always working but I'm happy he is :).

    Thanks Roger! I'm a programmer and so I wrote this game from scratch using the Java programming language.

  • Name: joanna
  • Homepage:
  • From: Poland
  • Date: Sat May 19 13:36:14 CDT 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Javiter
  • Homepage: tell you later
  • From: us
  • Date: Sat May 19 14:21:09 CDT 2001
  • Comments: i love your game. a cheat code you could add is for people to use wands to do things like blast someone out of there way. i will try to keep signing the guestbook.

    Thanks Javiter. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Name: javiter
  • Homepage:
  • From: us
  • Date: Sat May 19 14:22:52 CDT 2001
  • Comments: i will keep you updated

  • Name: Javed ( nickname is Javiter!)
  • Homepage:
  • From: U.S.A
  • Date: Sat May 19 19:59:02 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Feel free to e-mail me anytime! I would love to hear from you. You should write to J.K Rowling and tell her about this game.


    will do. If you want, you can write her about it for me. :-)

  • Name: Melissa McEwan
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat May 19 23:44:53 CDT 2001
  • Comments:

  • Name: Pamela
  • Homepage:
  • From: Bell co. Kentucky
  • Date: Sun May 20 19:46:57 CDT 2001
  • Comments: You need to put a place on here where you can be sorted in to a house, you might already have one, but I just got here!!


    there's a bunch of places where you can do that. This website is focused just on the Broomsticks game.

  • Name: Pamela
  • Homepage: buuuuurrrrrrppppppp!!!!!!!!!
  • From: Bell co. Kentucky
  • Date: Sun May 20 19:55:37 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I think this website is bogus, but at least my name is on the internet!LOL:) But I like your game!

  • Name: Matthew Davis
  • Homepage:
  • From: Australia, Queensland
  • Date: Tue May 22 05:14:24 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I am absolutely suprised! I knew you were making a 3D version of Broomsticks (Broomsticks 3D everybody, NOT BROOMSTICKS 3000!!!!!), but... wow! I saw that screenshot and I just can't believe it! It look nearly absolutely real, and I'm not just saying that!!! I can see why you can't put that on the internet, but I think it's for the best of it! Besides, it would take days to get that! (\(^o^)/) I'm still goin' crazy over that ASCII picture... Once you finish Broomsticks 3D, are you gonna make a web page for that as well? Why don't you have it actually sold in shops around the globe?! I'm sure it'll make more money than Mr. Bill Gates himself!!!!!!!


    thanks! I haven't decided what I will do with the 3D game. Right now it is a bonus on the Broomsticks CD.

    Getting it into stores would be nice but it's not very easy...

  • Name: hermoine granger
  • Homepage:
  • From: Gryffindor house (liverpool)
  • Date: Wed May 23 09:52:53 CDT 2001
  • Comments: as an actual quidditch player, (though not documented by J.K, girls are better at the game than boys) i found the game to be fun, but u cant beat really flying round on your broomstick and kicking Slytherin's ass.


  • Name: Javed
  • Homepage:
  • From: U.S.A
  • Date: Wed May 23 14:32:48 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Guess what Paul! I told my friends about this game and they said that they absoulutly loved it. You could sell this game in stores and you would make a lot of money! Or, you could advertise on the internet because it took me a while to get to your site. I just went to Google search.

    Thanks Javed!

    A lot of people have been doing the advertising for me by linking to my site!

  • Name: chris cox
  • Homepage:
  • From: Athol,MA 135 pleasant st
  • Date: Thu May 24 12:53:33 CDT 2001
  • Comments: i want the full version for free please

    Sorry Chris, but the only way to get the full version is to order it:

    Full Version

  • Name: Chiradeep Roy
  • Homepage: Games
  • From: Calcutta
  • Date: Fri May 25 02:21:03 CDT 2001
  • Comments: This game is excellent!


  • Name: Chiradeep Roy
  • Homepage: Hogwarts
  • From: Calcutta
  • Date: Fri May 25 02:25:51 CDT 2001
  • Comments: What a superb game! I was almost jumping with excitement when I was playing. I am in Class 5 now and I am going to learn Java very soon(you can laugh but it's true!)

    Thanks! Good luck with the programming and have fun!

  • Name: Javed
  • Homepage:
  • From: U.S.A
  • Date: Fri May 25 15:59:42 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hello Paul! How are you doing? I havn't been able to sign the guestbook lately or play the game because i had two projects to do. I just checked out! They have a beater and chaser game. (They are coming out with a seeker and keeper game soon!). It has good graphics and everything but i like your game better.Sadly, i think my parents won't let me buy the full version. ): .While i was in school today, i was daydreaming...Then, i got this great idea for you! You can post adds on the internet for this game. Then when many people know about it, you can make a broomsticks game for gameboy. A gameboy is a hand-held video game made by nintendo. It is very popular. If that succeds, you could make a broomsticks game for Playstation,Playstation2,and nintendo64. Each gameboy game costs $30. lets say there were 1,000,000 kids in the world... You would at least make...$1,000,000!And in the gameboy, there is a slot that you can put a wire in,and you and your friend can play toghther!like a multiplayer broomsticks! I have a few questions to ask you Paul...First, what is your e-mail address?i want to e-mail you.Have you read all the harry potter books that have come out? Which is your favorite? Do you want to see my webpage? Go to Next, go to the section called homepages. Next type in (Javiter) in the find homepages box. It is case sensitive!!!!!!!Please check my webpage and e-mail me when you do. Got to go now. Bye! P.S:My friends name is Paul too! P.S: Please e-mail me soon. Please think of my ideas about the gameboy! I will try to keep signing your guestbook, BYE! Adios!


    I'm doing well. :-)

    Your idea is good. However, gameboy is a closed platform. You have to pay a lot of money in order to be able to develop for it. If I do port the game to a handheld, it will probably be to an open one like the Palm Pilot.

    My email address is

    My favorite Harry Potter book is still the first one.

    I tried the search on kiddonet but it did not work. :-(

  • Name: JaJa
  • Homepage:
  • From: Wirral, England
  • Date: Fri May 25 16:45:42 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I have played the demo version of broomsticks loads of times. I even played it with my friends in the library today! BUT, and it's a BIG BUT, can you get the full version from any shops here in the UK? Us over here miss out on so much!

    Broomsticks is not available in any shops. However, it is available from an online UK shop:

  • Name: javed
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Sat May 26 11:58:46 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Please e-mail me!!!!!!

    Just did! :-)

  • Name: Erin
  • Homepage:
  • From: N.J
  • Date: Sun May 27 19:24:42 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I really like the game but I wish beaters are in there

    Thanks Erin. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Name: Mary
  • Homepage: Bouncy599's homepage
  • From: Canada
  • Date: Sun May 27 21:40:55 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I love this game but it is so hard to move down!

    Thanks Mary. Right now, you have to coast down. However, I am playing with a dive feature. Check back soon...

  • Name: Rui
  • Homepage:
  • From: New Mexico
  • Date: Mon May 28 09:13:53 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I think your game is great, but I really will have to really beg my parents a lot to get it. I'v only played with my dad. Can you e-mail me about it? If that e-mail address doesn't work, try I will try to reply, but I might not get your e-mail. If I don't get it, I will sign again.

    Will do.

  • Name: Harry Potter
  • Homepage: none
  • From: England
  • Date: Mon May 28 17:46:17 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Just to let you know my name really is Harry Potter and im not just making it up. Well anyway I think the game is great. You should think about putting a dive button. You could also think about making the game in 3D or with better graphics. Another thing isif you are trying to make the game like Harry Potter Quidditch you should think about making three hoops instead of one like in the book.

    Thanks. Yep, I'm going to try out a dive button.

    As for a 3D version, I am working in one. It is on the mini CD. Scroll up in this guestbook page and there is a screenshot.

  • Name: SubEtha
  • Homepage:
  • From: IL, USA
  • Date: Tue May 29 06:32:45 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I just love reading these comments Paul, hehe. When will you have a version for the Atari 2600?? ;P

    Hey Sub! Now, that's a console! :-)

    Broomsticks is a throwback to the kind of simple games found on the Atari, such as Combat.

  • Name: Joseph
  • Homepage: -
  • From: Ukraine
  • Date: Tue May 29 09:38:55 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Your game's really cool! I wish there was a site to download it, so me & my little brother could play at home, cause we've gotta go to our mom's work to chek it out! Bye, all the best!

    You can download the demo version:

    Or you can order the full version!

    Full Version

  • Name: Joshua Pengson
  • Homepage: Nothing quite yet...
  • From: Somewhere else? oh-california, USA
  • Date: Wed May 30 00:01:59 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Nice game! However, I was wondering if you would like to help us build a 3D Quidditch game. We have the ideas and the manpower-however we need somebody who has a good deal of experience (as you obviously do-seeing from your website) to help us construct a suitable 3D counterpart to the regular 2D Quidditch games. Thank you, Joshua P. S. Um, just a note, try improving the AI a bit. It's quite annoying having the bloody AI team come in and bash you over the head.

    Thanks Josh. I am already working on a 3D game. Look at some of the earlier posts in this page of the guestbook.

  • Name: HA!HA!
  • Homepage: HA!HA!
  • From: HA!HA!
  • Date: Wed May 30 06:18:36 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Broomstick is well cool,but the real version is too much for what u get compared to the demo.

    The full version is much, much better than the demo. Those that have it know what I am talking about! :-)

  • Name: Javed
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Wed May 30 18:20:46 CDT 2001
  • Comments: I emailed you my homepage! hope you will like it!

    Just did. Nice page!

  • Name: Angie
  • Homepage:
  • From: IL
  • Date: Thu May 31 11:05:03 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hey, I finally found this again!!!! Ya!!!! I'm gonna order the game really soon!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!!

    Thanks. You will love the full version!

  • Name: Angie
  • Homepage:
  • From: Illinois
  • Date: Thu May 31 13:53:39 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hey, e-mail when you can, uh since i live in illinios to how soon do you think i'll get the full version after i send my order?

    I send the game the day after I get your order. So, it should only take a couple of days.

  • Name: Billy
  • Homepage:
  • From: USA
  • Date: Thu May 31 14:34:07 CDT 2001
  • Comments: Hi Paul! I just love Broomsticks! Its so simple and easy to use. Hey, I was wondering, have you been to DiagonSoft? It has games that go into more detail and has really cool graphics and sounds. Their web address is You really should check them out. They have some of the best games there are!

    Thanks Billy!

    Yes, but the last time I tried one of their games it didn't work on my computer.