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  • Name: steve z
  • Homepage:
  • From: Florida
  • Date: Sun Jan 5 19:29:45 CST 2003
  • Comments: im trying to find all of the brooms in br3d. i found the white broom in the castle, the black one outside the castle, the red broom also outside the castlr, and the invisible broom. did i miss any are there any other brooms?


    yep, that is all of them... for now. :-)

  • Name: Hey broomstick lovers
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  • From: America (luv England though)
  • Date: Mon Jan 6 16:08:08 CST 2003
  • Comments: Hey Paul! Just wanna say, Thanx for the great game! One of my computers is kinda slow though (the one I use the most) and takes for ever to play the advanced version! But, i think you did a wonderful job, keep up the great work!


  • Name: "Fauna"
  • Homepage:
  • From: NY, USA
  • Date: Tue Jan 7 20:15:37 CST 2003
  • Comments: I really, really like this game, my sister and I were playing the advanced demo version, and were having so much fun (taking sibling rivalry to new heights), and I think the characters are pretty neat too. That's all. Good job, by the way. :)

    Thanks Fauna! I made some of my first games specifically for playing against (and beating!) my brothers.

  • Name: Emmy
  • Homepage:
  • From: America
  • Date: Wed Jan 8 16:52:22 CST 2003
  • Comments: Dougall, I like your website, but it is a little robusk. You may want to try a broader page, one that grabs everyone's attention and then have paul's stuff off of that, and than your's.

  • Name: Xavier Jones
  • Homepage: The Wizarding Network
  • From: Memphis, TN, USA
  • Date: Thu Jan 9 01:48:30 CST 2003
  • Comments: This is a very nice site and I love the games on it!!! Keep up the good work! And to all of those who read this, please go to my site.

    Nice to hear from you again Xavier!

  • Name: Dougall
  • Date: Thu Jan 16 02:21:57 CST 2003
  • Comments: New Year/Month. Update guestbook.

    Done. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Name: Daniel
  • Homepage: IMPORTANT information about the Broomsticks Message Board
  • From: OKLAHOMA
  • Date: Sat Jan 18 20:25:25 CST 2003
  • Comments: For some reason the Message Board doesn't seem to bring in as many posts as this Guestbook ever did.

    If you are wondering you do not have to be a member to ask questions or make comments on the Message Board. Members just get a few extra things that they can access, such as Instant Messaging. Plus if your a member you have a higher rank above guests (people who are not members) and that always kind of cool. :-)

    I thought I would say this because I know that some of you for one reason or another can't or don't want to become members on the Message Board. ***I encourage you all to become members and if you have any questions feel free to post them on the Message Board or e-mail me.


    actually, the guestbook doesn't get that many posts when you consider that more than 1000 people play the demo of Broomsticks every day! I think that the message board format is better than the guestbook. It is just a matter of time until there are a lot more posts in it than here.

  • Name: emma
  • Homepage:
  • Date: Mon Jan 20 01:49:48 CST 2003
  • Comments: what us ravenclaw password??? i nead to know so i can get into my common room

  • Name: Michael Abbott
  • Homepage: none
  • From: California
  • Date: Tue Jan 21 15:48:07 CST 2003
  • Comments: Great Game love it. Its so simple yet great. The backgrounds are great but I would love i if you made new ones.

    Thanks Michael! I haven't made any backgrounds for a while, but others have. Check out the Backgrounds Gallery.

  • Name: Jonny
  • Homepage: n/a
  • From: China
  • Date: Wed Jan 22 11:04:47 CST 2003
  • Comments: dont get the game.

    Why not? :-)

  • Name: Emmy
  • Homepage:
  • From: America
  • Date: Wed Jan 22 16:35:38 CST 2003
  • Comments: why won't you talk to me? All you wrote was thanks! Please talk to me... Thank you!

    What would you like to talk about? :-)

    Also, if you want to talk to other Broomsticks fans, make sure you check out the Message Board.

  • Name: Daniel
  • Homepage:
  • From:
  • Date: Wed Jan 22 17:41:56 CST 2003
  • Comments: What is it you want to talk about emma?

  • Name: --------bob-------
  • Homepage: -----------------------
  • From: --------------------
  • Date: Wed Jan 22 18:51:25 CST 2003
  • Comments: have you made the game so you can play aganst the computer yet??? I really like your game but try to make a new game that you can play against the computer Thanks, Bob

    I assume that you are talking about Broomsticks3D? I've been super busy with other things, but I have worked on it a bit recently. I will release a new demo very soon. Sorry for the delays...

  • Name: Dougall
  • Date: Thu Jan 23 13:37:15 CST 2003
  • Comments: You said verry soon, do you have a date or do you have too much work for you to have a set date.

    The Message Board is going well and will brobably eventualy take over the Guest Book, however if it does can we leave the posts here and delete the sing page. (or not link to it)


    I will probably keep the guestbook going. Really, the guestbook and message board are two different things and they compliment each other. If someone wants to leave me a message or make a comment they can use the guestbook. If someone wants to ask a question or talk with other people, they should use the message board.

  • Date: Thu Jan 23 13:37:34 CST 2003
  • Comments: You said verry soon, do you have a date or do you have too much work for you to have a set date.

    The Message Board is going well and will brobably eventualy take over the Guest Book, however if it does can we leave the posts here and delete the sign page. (or not link to it)

    • Name: Dougall
    • Homepage:
    • From:
    • Date: Thu Jan 23 13:40:05 CST 2003
    • Comments: Woops

    • Name: Emmy
    • Homepage:
    • From: America
    • Date: Wed Jan 29 15:37:08 CST 2003
    • Comments: Hey dougall, my name is Emmy, not emma! But, thanks anyway