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Visualization and Virtual Environments
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
me in front of wall

The NCSA tiled display wall has gone through several iterations. Our newest configuration features a cluster of 40 high-end PCs with Nvidia GeForceFX 5900 graphics connected to 40 NEC VT-540K projectors. The machines are running Linux and are connected together with Myrinet (gigabit networking). The result is one logical display with an aggregate resolution of 8192x3840!

I'm responsible for the NCSA Display-Wall-in-a-box software distribution (DWIB). DWIB is a collection of open-source tools developed by NCSA and others in the display wall community. Two tools that I have developed for this distribution are:

NCSA Pixel Blaster - a simple to use distributed movieplayer for use with tiled displays.
NCSA TerraServer Blaster - an application for viewing large images, including an interface to terraserver aerial imagery.

Here are pictures of the display wall:

Click here for pics of new 8x5 wall.
Click here for pics of half wall (4x5) at SC2002.
Click here for pics of old 4x5 wall.
Click here for pics of old 4x5 wall at SC2001.
Click here for pics of old 3x2 wall.
Click here for pics of old 3x2 wall at SC2000.

Want a wall of your own but don't want to build it yourself? Talk to Visbox.

new VisWall - tiled display wall from Visbox,Inc.

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