VisCube + Improov

Improov is a collaborative tool to visualize CAD 3D models at human scale in CAVE systems. Visbox has partnered with MiddleVR to provide complete turn-key VisCube CAVE solutions with Improov pre-installed and configured. The combination of high-performance display hardware from Visbox, Inc. and the powerful Improov software provides an accessible and powerful platform for virtual design reviews.

Visbox has been demonstrating its leadership in high-end immersive systems. MiddleVR is pleased to partner with Visbox to provide an easy-to-use solution combining software and hardware.

S├ębastien Kuntz

Founder and President, MiddleVR

VisCube CAVE

The VisCube is an affordable high performance CAVE immersive virtual reality system. The standard configuration features three large rear-projection walls and a front projected floor. The VisCube can be configured as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system, complete with a tracking system and graphics workstation.
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VisCube C4


Improov allows users to load multiple 3D models and view them at human scale in virtual reality. The product review can be collaborative, meaning a user in another office, city or country can join the meeting room, either with a VR system or with a desktop interface. Features include:

  • Load 3D models
  • Load native CAD data
  • Visualize at real scale
  • Interact naturally
  • Collaborate online
  • Cutting planes
  • Annotations
  • Take pictures
  • 3D measuring tools
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Desktop application: VR is not required

With the powerful Improov platform, users can quickly and effectively examine their 3D CAD models in virtual reality.
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