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Affordable high performance CAVE VR system

Extreme Resolution

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VisCube systems are ideal for
small group 3D collaboration
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Ultra High Definition

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CAVE Immersive 3D Display Systems


High Resolution Display Wall Systems

Custom Solutions

Conference rooms, special configurations


Visbox, Inc.

Visbox is a leading provider of CAVE immersive 3D displays and high resolution display walls. We also provide fully customized solutions for customers with special needs. Our continuing mission is to make advanced display and interaction technologies more affordable and easier to use.

3 VisWall-LCD-3UHD units delivered

A commercial customer took delivery of three VisWall-LCD-3UHD units. Each display is made up of three 55″ LCD panels at 4096×2160 resolution. The aggregate resolution of each unit is over 26 million pixels!

New Product: VisCube C4-X

Visbox, Inc. is pleased to announce the VisCube C4-X. The VisCube C4-X is an ultra compact high performance CAVE VR system. Using advanced optics, it provides a full-size high-resolution CAVE experience with minimal space needed behind each screen.

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