VisWall™ T4

High Resolution PowerWall 3D Display

VisWall T4

Key Features:

– High Resolution PowerWall display wall
– Free-standing structure, only 30″ deep
– Extra large 12′ wide screen
4600×2875 resolution
Multi-use: mono, stereo 3D, tracked stereo 3D (VR)
– Custom configurations available, see Services page

The VisWall™ T4 is a high resolution PowerWall display wall. The VisWall T4 feature a large rear-projection screen with only 30″ of depth behind the screen. The system can be configured as a standalone display or as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system, complete with a tracking system and graphics workstation. See datasheet below.

In addition to the standard VisWall models, Visbox Inc. is also available for custom hardware and software development for customers with special needs. Learn more about our capabilities on the Services page.

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VisWall T4 Benefits

Small Group Collaboration
The VisWall PowerWall is ideal for small group collaboration.
Wireless Optical Tracking
Robust, wireless optical tracking from A.R.T.
VisWall T4
Compact Footprint
The VisWall T4 is only 30″ deep and fits into very small spaces
Turn-key system
Fully integrated, including sound system and control console.
Ultra Resolution

Ultra Resolution

The VisWall T4 PowerWall features a large screen size and projectors that are stereo 3D capable. The result is a High Resolution Display that can run High Resolution Applications and Immersive 3D Applications. For custom VisWall configurations, see the VisWall Custom section.

VisWall T4 Datasheet

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System Specifications
– Resolution: 4600×2875
– Screen size: 144″w x 90″h (3.66m x 2.29m)
– Footprint: 12’w x 2.5’d x 8’h (3.78m x 0.76m x 2.41m)
– 4 active stereo projectors (2560×1600 each)
– Digital edge blending
– Free-standing structure
– Custom projector positioners
Active Stereo and 10 pairs of shutter glasses
– Video, projector control, projector sync, and power cabling
– Installed and calibrated on-site by Visbox, Inc.
Image Generator
– Graphics workstation with NVIDIA Quadro graphics
– 19″ APC rack and all cabling
– Control console stand with monitor/keyboard/mouse
– Software demos, applications, and development libraries
Option: A.R.T. Optical Tracking
– ARTTRACK5 system (4 high resolution cameras)
– Tracked head, tracked wand (controller)
Option: Sound System
– Soundbar and subwoofer (4.1)
Option: Light Block
– Fabric enclosing system
– Blocks ambient light and restricts access

Other options are also available. Contact us for pre-sales support.

VisWall T4 topVisWall T4 front

Other VisWall Models

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VisWall T3W, T3: 10′ or 12′ wide, 4096×2560
VisWall custom: custom resolution and screen size
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