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I’ve worked with virtual reality for over 20 years and thought I had seen it all. But when we ran our first demo in our new CAVE what came out of my mouth was “This is beyond amazing!”. Rich Rinehart

DB Consulting Group: Manager of Computational Science and Emerging Technologies, NASA Glenn Research Center

After we have set up our first VR/AR Learning Centre with a locally developed CAVE system, we started to look for another system with increased resolution but, more importantly, a portable system that can be quickly assembled and fit into compact space. This provides flexibility for the Vocational Training Council to allow more students who are studying in different campuses across the territory to experience the use of VR to help their learning. VisCube M4 CAVE came into our attention as it perfectly fitted our requirements with competitive price and finally we installed one at our Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Tsing Yi Campus. With the professional support offered by Visbox, we are able to deploy our applications developed in-house to assist our students’ learning through CAVE and other VR/AR technologies. Eric Liu

Academic Director (Engineering), Vocational Training Council (VTC)

I’ve worked with large immersive systems several times over my career; literally watching the technology mature from its infancy. I simply can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Visbox. They were responsive to my enquiries, attentive to our requirements, and capable of delivering exactly the system we asked for. The team handled everything with ample amounts of professionalism, care, and alacrity during the install, which took a full 24 hours less than we were expecting. The VisCube C4 is a very impressive system itself. It’s compact enough to not need a cavernous space, yet has a viewing area large enough to accommodate several people. The brightness and resolution make the immersion better than any system I’d worked with previously. The display machine is a beast, with plenty of room for expansion; we will not be worried about obsolescence anytime soon. Overall, dealing with Visbox was a standout positive experience. Mark Gill

Director of VizLab at ISELF, St. Cloud State University

Immersive Visualization and Virtual Reality have a long history at Virginia Tech, most recently in our Visionarium lab. Our last upgrade from Visbox focused on increasing resolution, brightness and drawing power in order to keep up with the large data sets coming from our computational scientists and high-performance computing users. This has yielded many dividends from world-class research and funded projects to dissertation awards to undergraduate research experiences. The VisCube investment has paid for itself several times over. It is exciting to know that our VR research and applications have created real collaborations with over 44 faculty, produced dozens of publications and degrees, over 150 tours, a patent and a slot in the VT football halftime commercial! Nicholas Polys, Ph.D.

Director of Visual Computing, Virginia Tech Visionarium

As we began constructing iCube, our virtual reality and immersive visualization space here at Tennessee Tech University, we immediately called Paul and the group at Visbox, Inc. to help us out. Their experience and knowledge helped us pick the system best suited for our new facility. Throughout our rookie year with the VisCube C4 system, we’ve been able to provide research opportunities for our undergraduate students through faculty projects and thesis work for several Masters and Doctoral students in a variety of fields. With many projects underway and several on deck, our lab will continue to grow with Visbox at the heart of our iCube space, where students and faculty Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate. David Brown

iCube Technical Director, Tennessee Tech University

Purchase of a VisCube C1 system has helped our minority-serving institution (MSI) begin work in spatial visualization teaching and research areas. Over the last year, we have developed an Immersive 3-D Visualization, Teaching, Research, and Outreach Center (Lion CAVE). The Lion CAVE is a dedicated teaching, research, and work space where Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM) faculty, staff, and students utilize VR tools. The Lion CAVE has hosted several education and business tours and is poised to support future biotechnology and nanoscience initiatives in the Arkansas Delta. Sederick C. Rice, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

When I first came to Valparaiso University, I knew the potential for virtual reality for undergraduate education. But at that time, most VR systems were prohibitively expensive. Visbox, Inc has filled a void in low-cost VR systems that have allowed us to leverage the power of VR in education. From our first single screen system to our latest C4 system, Visbox has enabled our institution to always deliver cutting-edge technology to our students. Their help and support has always been outstanding. Jeffrey Will, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Valparaiso University

The Center for Computational Research (CCR) at the University at Buffalo uses the VisWall to enable work in urban planning and design. Working with architects and graphic designers, we are able to view and manipulate high polygon count models on the high resolution surface. The high level of fidelity allows detailed examination of proposed structures. CCR is on our second Viswall and has been a satisfied customer of Visbox since 2002. Martins Innus

Lead Scientific & Urban Visualization Specialist, Center for Computational Research (CCR)