High Resolution Applications

The VisWall and VisWall-LCD are very high resolution displays that can be used in many different application areas. Some of the broad categories include:

high resolution imagery:
satellite, aerial photography, scientific instruments
high resolution movies:
hi-res animations, time-series simulation results
2D information display:
maps, charts, graphs, data, text
3D visualization:
complex geometries, interactive exploration of 3D datasets

Some more specific application areas include:

Atmospheric modeling/prediction
Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics
Command and Control
Computational Biology
Computational Chemistry
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Industrial Design
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Homeland Security
Medical Imaging
Oil and Gas
Urban Planning
Visual Analytics
Visual Simulation

In general, many applications can benefit from increased resolution display. As the data generated by simulations or acquired from various instruments gets larger, it becomes crucial to visualize that data with a sufficiently high resolution display. Conventional display technology fails to address this issue, with the resolution of displays increasing far slower than the size of the data.

The VisWall and VisWall-LCD products address this problem by providing an affordable and scalable display solution, allowing researchers to gain more insight into their data. Aside from the resolution, the size of these displays is also a strong asset. They are ideal for a small group of people working together, while at the same time maintaining sufficient pixel density.

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VisWall-9HD (3x3 array of HD projectors)VisWall-LCD-3UHD (3 UHD panels)VisWall-20X (20 projectors)