Immersive 3D Applications

The VisCube is a CAVE immersive 3D display that can be used in a variety of application areas. These include:

Art and Design
Education and Training
Engineering and Prototyping
Gaming and Entertainment
GIS and Information Visualization
Scientific Visualization
Tele-Immersion and Collaboration
Visual Simulation (vis-sim)

VisCube systems allow users to examine 3D models with the added benefits of stereo graphics. The optional VR package adds head-tracking for true first-person perspective and wand-tracking for direct-manipulation. The systems can also be used as large monoscopic displays for 2D desktop applications. With this flexibility, the system is able to enhance the visualization of many different types of data.

The table below highlights the differences between the 3 basic modes of operation.

VisCube C4-T4




Large rear-projected display Run regular 2D desktop applications such as a web browser, spread sheet, or power point presentation Large and bright rear-projected graphics. Enclosure diminishes problems with ambient light. Rear-projection means that users cannot interfere with projected light (cannot cast a shadow on the screen).
Large rear-projected 3D stereo display Run 3D OpenGL applications in stereo. Even applications that are not “stereo aware” can be forced to display in stereo. This is accomplished transparently by software at the graphics driver level. 3D stereo graphics take advantage of the fact that humans have two eyes. Using stereo graphics improves depth perception and greatly enhances the ability to visualize many types of data.
Projection-based VR system with 3D stereo display and head + wand tracking Run full VR applications. The VisCube is pre-configured for common VR software such as Unity, vrJuggler, and FreeVR. The VisCube also comes with pre-installed open-source VR demo applications. This mode offers the greatest immersion and feeling of presence. Head-tracking makes virtual objects appear at human scale and allows the user to manipulate his or her perspective with natural head movements. This ability to look in, out, and around virtual objects creates the illusion that the user is indeed sharing physical space with the virtual objects. The 6 DOF wand (controller) tracking allows the user to directly manipulate objects within the virtual scene.

Head Tracking

This video shows head-tracking from both a 1st person and 3rd person point of view.

Pfizer Video

This video from Pfizer features the VisCube C4-T4.

UAB Examples

A few VisCube C4-SX applications from the Enabling Technology Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

VT Examples

Several applications running on the VisCube C4-T2 at the Virginia Tech Visionarium.

UAPB Install

Construction and applications running on the VisCube C1 at the 3D Visualization Center at UAPB.


MiddleVR allows the powerful Unity engine to run in VisCube CAVE systems.
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Improov enables collaborative design reviews of 3D CAD models in VisCube CAVE systems.
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Scientific Visualization

Amira and Avizo enable 3D visualization of many types of data in VisCube CAVE systems.
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Many other applications can also be run on the VisCube. Have questions? Contact us.