VisCubeā„¢ LED

CAVE Immersive 3D Display

VisCube LED

Key Features:

Extreme brightness CAVE VR system
High pixel density: 1.25mm pixels
Small footprint: fits into existing spaces
– Multi-screen Immersion: modular, many configurations are possible
Scalable resolution: tiles are 500mm x 500mm
DirectView LED: extreme brightness, seamless, scalable
Rugged: durable, minimal maintenance
Common cathode technology: lower power, less heat
Multi-use: mono, stereo 3D, tracked stereo 3D (VR)
– High framerate (240hz) for dual-view (2 separate 3D viewpoints)
– Many configurations available

NOTE: Drawing on the left shows thin lines to illustrate the number of tiles. The display itself is completely seamless

The VisCubeā„¢ LED is an extreme brightness CAVE immersive virtual reality system. It can be used in a well lit room. It features rugged DirectView LED tiles allowing for scalable resolution and many possible display configurations. The VisCube LED is configured as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system, complete with a tracking system and graphics workstation. See datasheet below.

The VisCube LED features DirectView LED tiles, providing extreme brightness, scalability, durability, and minimal maintenance

In addition to the standard VisCube models, Visbox Inc. is also available for custom hardware and software development for customers with special needs. Learn more about our capabilities on the Services page.

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VisCube LED Benefits

Small Group Collaboration
The VisCube LED is ideal for small group 3D collaboration.

Wireless Optical Tracking
Robust, wireless optical tracking from A.R.T.

Extreme Brightness
Much brighter than projection.
Can use in a well lit room.

Turn-key VR system
Fully integrated, including sound system and control console.

Scalable Configurations

Scalable Size and Resolution

The VisCube LED is scalable in size and resolution based on the number of panels. Many configurations are possible. Multiple screens surround the users for maximum immersion. Read more about immersive 3D applications on the Immersive 3D Applications page. For custom VisCube configurations, see the Services section.

VisCube LEDs in containers


The compact, modular, and rugged capabilities of the VisCube LED allows for new and novel configurations. Without the need for projector optics these systems can fit in very compact spaces. Pictured above are two examples of VisCube LED configurations that fit into a half high cube container (20′ x 8′ x 9.5′). Large door(s) on the long face will allow easy access into these systems. Many options for containers or for trailers are available. Contact us for more information.

VisCube LED Datasheet

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System Specifications
– Screens: scalable, many possible configurations
– Resolution: 400×400 per tile, 1.25mm pixels
– Brightness: 1200 nits per tile
– Size: tiles are 500mm x 500mm
– Rugged: embedded in epoxy, walkable, washable
– Common cathode technology: lower power, less heat
– DirectView LED tiles
– Sendboxes to send video from Image Generator to display tiles
– Free-standing structure
Active Stereo and 10 pairs of shutter glasses
– Video, control, and power cabling
– Installed and calibrated on-site by Visbox, Inc.

NOTE: The drawings on the right show thin lines to illustrate the number of tiles. The display is completely seamless!

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A.R.T. Optical Tracking
– ARTTRACK5 system (4 high resolution cameras)
– Tracked head, tracked wand (controller)
Image Generator
– Graphics workstation cluster with NVIDIA Quadro graphics
– 19″ APC rack and all cabling
– Control console stand with monitor/keyboard/mouse
– Software demos, applications, and development libraries
Sound System
– Soundbar and subwoofer
Option: Surround Sound System
– Surround speakers: 5 satellite and subwoofer (5.1)
– Surround system processor/amplifier
Option: MiddleVR for Unity
– Run Unity applications in the VisCube (Read More)
Option: Dual-View
– Special 3D glasses (240hz) to allow for 2 separate 3D viewpoints

Other options are also available.

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VisCube LED DrawingVisCube LED Drawing

Other VisCube Models

VisCube M4, M5:: 12′ wide, 1920×1200
VisCube M4-6K: 14′ wide, 6144×3240
VisCube C4-4KU: 12′ wide, 3840×2400
VisCube C4-T2X: 10′ wide, 4096×4096
VisCube C4-T3X: 13′ wide, 6000×4096

Custom: custom screen size, resolution