VisCube systems are ideal for small group 3D collaboration

VisCube CAVE systems allow users to collaboratively examine and manipulate complex 3D models with natural interaction and human 1-to-1 scale. Pictured above is a small group of researchers looking at a 3D model in a VisCube C4-T4 CAVE at Pfizer Neuroscience on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA.

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VisCube C4-T4 CAVE installed at Pfizer

A high-resolution VisCube C4-T4 CAVE was installed at Pfizer Nueroscience in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The system features 12 high-end active stereo projectors and ART optical tracking.

Link to Boston Globe article about the research center with photo of system
Pfizer press release including photo of system

VisCube C4-T4 CAVE

Product: VisCube C4-T4 CAVE

High resolution CAVE VR system
FEI Amira

Software: Amira

3D software for visualizing life sciences data
Pfizer Inc.

Customer: Pfizer Inc.

Global pharmaceutical corporation