Get inside your data with the VisCube

VisCube CAVE systems enable immersive 3D exploration of detailed 3D models with natural interaction and human 1-to-1 scale. Pictured above is an immersive 3D visualization of a human heart in the VisCube C4 CAVE at the iCube Virtual Reality Center at Tennessee Tech University (TTU).

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As we began constructing iCube, our virtual reality and immersive visualization space here at Tennessee Tech University, we immediately called Paul and the group at Visbox, Inc. to help us out. Their experience and knowledge helped us pick the system best suited for our new facility. Throughout our rookie year with the VisCube C4 system, we’ve been able to provide research opportunities for our undergraduate students through faculty projects and thesis work for several Masters and Doctoral students in a variety of fields. With many projects underway and several on deck, our lab will continue to grow with Visbox at the heart of our iCube space, where students and faculty Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate.

David Brown

iCube Technical Director, Tennessee Tech University

VisCube C4 CAVE

Product: VisCube C4 CAVE

Affordable high performance CAVE VR system


Software: MiddleVR for Unity

Allows the Unity engine to run in CAVE systems

Customer: Tennessee Tech University

The Virtual Reality Center (VRC) at the TTU iCube