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VisCube CAVE systems enable immersive 3D (VR) training with natural interaction and human 1-to-1 scale. Pictured above is an aircraft maintenance training scenario in the VisCube M4 CAVE at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE).

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After we have set up our first VR/AR Learning Centre with a locally developed CAVE system, we started to look for another system with increased resolution but, more importantly, a portable system that can be quickly assembled and fit into compact space. This provides flexibility for the Vocational Training Council to allow more students who are studying in different campuses across the territory to experience the use of VR to help their learning. VisCube M4 CAVE came into our attention as it perfectly fitted our requirements with competitive price and finally we installed one at our Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Tsing Yi Campus. With the professional support offered by Visbox, we are able to deploy our applications developed in-house to assist our students’ learning through CAVE and other VR/AR technologies. Eric Liu

Academic Director (Engineering), Vocational Training Council (VTC)

VisCube M4 CAVE

Product: VisCube M4 CAVE

Low cost front projected CAVE VR system

Software: MiddleVR for Unity

Allows the Unity engine to run in CAVE systems

Customer: IVE (member of VTC)

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education