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CAVE VR systems

Key Features:

- Affordable CAVE VR systems
- Multi-screen Immersion
- Multi-use: mono, stereo 3D, tracked stereo 3D (VR)
- Custom configurations available, see Services page

Turn-key VR system (optional):
- 6 DOF head tracking
- 6 DOF tracked input device (wand)
- Performance of latest PC graphics hardware
- Pre-configured for common VR libraries
- Turn-key demo applications pre-installed

VisCube CAVE VR systems

The VisCube™ is an affordable CAVE immersive virtual reality system. The standard configuration features three large rear-projection walls and a front projected floor. The VisCube can be configured as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system, complete with a tracking system and graphics workstation.

The VisCube makes use of the newest in bright digital projectors. The turn-key VR option adds the newest in PC graphics workstation hardware, a 6 DOF tracked input device (wand), and head tracking. The result is a system that outperforms much more expensive traditional VR hardware.

The VR software environment is based on industry standards. The system is pre-configured for use with common VR libraries such as CAVElib, FreeVR, and vrJuggler. Read more about VisCube Applications.

The VisCube comes in six models: the VisCube C2-HD, the VisCube C4-HD, the VisCube C4-WU, the VisCube C4-WQ, the VisCube C4-2HD, and the VisCube C4-4K-C. In addition to the standard VisCube models, we are available for custom hardware development for customers with special needs. See the Services page.

The goal of the VisCube is not only to make immersive 3D technology more affordable, but to also make it easier to use, maintain, and develop for.

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VisCube C2-HD

13.3' wide, HD (1920x1080)
low cost, passive stereo

VisCube C4-HD

13.3' wide front wall, HD (1920x1080)
low cost, passive stereo

VisCube C4-WU

12' wide front wall, WUXGA (1920x1200)
small footprint, active stereo

VisCube C4-2HD

10'x10' walls, 1920x1920
high resolution, passive stereo

VisCube C4-WQ

12' wide front wall, WQXGA (2560x1600)
high resolution, passive stereo

VisCube C4-4K-C

13.3' wide front wall, 4K (4096x2160)
ultra resolution, active stereo

VisCube Models PDF (1.57 MB) - Six page printable PDF.