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CAVE Immersive 3D Display
Five page printable PDF
VisCube systems provide multiple screens for maximum immersion. Complete systems with tracking and image generation hardware are available. The VisCube provides CAVE high-end immersive virtual reality at new pricepoints.

VisCube C4

Affordable high performance CAVE VR system
Fits into existing spaces, no time-consuming and costly room modifications
3 walls + floor, 12' wide front wall at 1920x1200 or 2560x1600, 3D active stereo

VisCube C1, C2

Wall or wall+floor, 12' wide
1920x1200 or 2560x1600
Low cost, 3D active stereo

VisCube C4-T2

3 walls+floor, 10' x 10' walls
1920x1920 per surface
High resolution, 3D passive stereo

VisCube C4-T4

3 walls+floor, 12' wide front wall
3456x2160 front wall, cropped sides
Ultra resolution, 3D active stereo

VisCube C4-4K

3 walls+floor, 14.1' wide front wall
4096x2160 front wall, cropped sides
Ultra resolution, 3D active stereo


High Resolution Display Wall
Two page printable PDF
The VisWall is a scalable high resolution display achieved by the highly accurate alignment of many separate projectors or LCD flat panels. Resolutions range anywhere from 7 million pixels to over 100 million pixels!


High resolution display wall
Free-standing structure, wide range of screen sizes
3x3 array of projectors, aggregate resolution of 5760x3240 (~18.7 MPixels)

3D VisWall-4K-SRX

Wide range of screen sizes
Stacked projectors, 3D passive stereo
4096x2160 (~8.9 MPixels), seamless


Wide range of screen sizes
5x5 array of projectors
9600x5400 (~51.8 MPixels), seamless


55" HD panels (1920x1080)
2x2 array of lcd panels
3840x2160, ultra narrow bezel

VisWall-LCD-3HD (x3)

55" HD panels (1920x1080)
3x3 array of lcd panels
5760x3240, ultra narrow bezel

Custom Solutions

In addition to the products on this page, we are also available for custom hardware and software development. For more information, take a look at the services page.


In-Wall Rear Projection

Screen built into existing wall
Immersive 3D and/or High Resolution

Custom Configurations

Systems built according to your
requirements and room constraints

Legacy Products

VisMini (Legacy)

Ultra-portable, table-top
WXGA (1280x800)

VisDuo (Legacy)

Ceiling mountable
WUXGA (1920x1200)

VisBlock (Legacy)

24" wide blocks (1920x1080)
Stackable, reconfigurable

VisBox-HD6 (Legacy)

6' wide screen, portable
HD (1920x1080)

VisBox-HD6T (Legacy)

6' wide screen, reclining table
HD (1920x1080)

VisBox-HD13 (Legacy)

13.3' wide screen
Low cost, HD (1920x1080)

VisBox-P1 (Legacy)

80" wide screen, portable
HD (1920x1080)

VisBox-SX series (Legacy)

8'-10' wide screen
SXGA+ (1400x1050)

VisBox-WQ series (Legacy)

10'-12' wide screen
WQXGA (2560x1600)

VisCube C4-SX (Legacy)

3 walls+floor, 10' wide walls
1400x1050 per surface

VisCube C2-HD (Legacy)

Wall+floor, 13.3' wide
1920x1080 per surface

VisCube C4-HD (Legacy)

3 walls+floor, 13.3' wide front wall
1920x1080 front wall, cropped sides