VisCube M4 Press Release

Saint Joseph, Illinois (September 10, 2015): Visbox, Inc., a leading provider of CAVE Immersive 3D displays and high resolution display walls, is pleased to announce the VisCube M4. The VisCube M4 is a low cost and ultra compact CAVE immersive virtual reality system.

Unlike most CAVE systems that require extensive assembly and a large dedicated room, the VisCube M4 is quickly assembled and fits into very small spaces. The VisCube M4 provides the CAVE immersive virtual reality experience in an ultra compact and easy to use form factor.

The VisCube M4 provides these key features:

Low cost front projected CAVE VR system
Ultra compact
– Multi-screen immersion: 3 walls and a floor
1920×1200 resolution projectors
– User volume: 10.3’w x 6.5’d x 6.5’h (3.1m x 2.0m x 2.0m)
– Overall system footprint only 11’w x 9’d x 9’h (3.3m x 2.7m x 2.7m)
– Multi-use: mono, stereo 3D, tracked stereo 3D (VR)
– Turn-key VR system with image generator, tracking system, and sound system

The VisCube M4 is available for order now. Visbox, Inc. also provides other VisCube (CAVE) configurations as well as custom configurations for customers with special needs.

For more information about the VisCube M4 and other Visbox product offerings, visit the Visbox website at

About Visbox, Inc.
Visbox, Inc. is a leading provider of CAVE Immersive 3D displays and high resolution display walls. Our continuing mission is to make advanced display and interaction technologies more affordable and easier to use.

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