VisMini Press Release

Champaign, Illinois (October 2, 2007): Visbox, Inc., a provider of display solutions for high resolution and immersive 3D applications, is pleased to announce the VisMini. The VisMini is a truly portable stereo 3D projection system. The projection unit is small and lightweight for easy transport. It features Infitec stereo, allowing for excellent flicker-free stereo using any existing screen or projection surface!

Unlike polarized stereo solutions, there is no need to use a specialized, polarization preserving screen. This greatly simplifies the task of transporting the system. All that is required is the VisMini projection unit, a laptop with two video outputs, and Infitec glasses. “The VisMini allows you to walk into any conference room and be ready to present 3D visualizations within a couple of minutes,” said Paul Rajlich, Vice President, Visbox, Inc. “It is the ideal portable 3D stereo presentation solution.”

The VisMini provides these key features:

– Affordable turn-key solution
– Small and lightweight projection unit
Infitec stereo: use any existing screen or projection surface
– Instant projector power off, no cool-down period
– Custom table mount, small lens separation for best alignment
Multi-use: use for stereo 3D and regular mono presentations

The VisMini is available for order now. Visbox, Inc. also provides three complete system bundles. Each system bundle features a VisMini projection unit, Infitec glasses, a laptop or barebones PC with Nvidia Quadro graphics, and a rugged carrying case for all of the components. The rugged case can be shipped, checked as baggage at an airport, or carried on a flight. It has everything needed to take immersive 3D presentation on the road in one compact package.

For more information about the VisMini, visit the Visbox website at

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Visbox, Inc. is a provider of innovative display products and custom solutions for high resolution and immersive 3D applications. Our mission is to make high-end display and interaction technologies more affordable and easier to use.

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